2023 Export Target 5 Billion Dollars

Medical devices and surgical instruments manufacturing sector announced its target for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. The president of the Samsun Medical Industry Cluster Association (MEDIKUM), which was founded by approximately seventy companies which came together, Dr. Ahmet Aydemir, announced in a statement that they aim to export 5 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

The 4th Congress of the National Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Samsun has attracted great interest. The congress to which many local and foreign scientists, company managers and industry representatives attended, added a separate vision and excitement to the medical industry which is clustered in Samsun. MEDIKUM, which made an evaluation meeting after the Congress, set a target to export 5 billion U.S. dollars in 2023, which is the 100th anniversary of the establishment, hoping to overcome its problems.

The president of the MEDIKUM, Dr. Ahmet Aydemir said that they will contribute to the achievement of Turkey’s export target of 500 billionU.S. dollars in this significant year, and they are ready to realize their goals, as an association. “In case that the medical production sizes are provided and supported, and the physical working conditions are improved, it is evident that a locomotive sector can be created towards shooting down the imported inputs and reducing the current account deficit. In case that we are supported as a sector, we are ready to perform 5 billion U.S. dollars as the medical sector in the target of exports of 500 billion U.S. dollars,” said Dr. Aydemir,

The president of the MEDIKUM, Dr. Ahmet Aydemir, pointing to the importance and the volume of transaction of the medical devices and the surgical hand tools sector in the world markets, and to the value added which countries gained by that sector, said that the situation is notvery bright for Turkish businessmen. Voicing that they expect that their problems will be resolved, Dr. Aydemir said that “The absolute improvement of the physical working conditions of the medical industry is extremely important to increase productivity and production. For that reason, we definitely need Medical Specialization Organized Industrial Zone. Emphasizing vocational education is important in terms of employment, in order for the young labor force in the Republic of Turkey to take place within sustainable economy with added value, and for the creation of the skilled workforce.
One of the two people is working in the health sector in Germany. Why not in Turkey?”.

Underlining that capturing the desired quality with the manufacturing technology which is used today is not possible, Aydemir used the following expressions, “Technological machinery investment is needed in order to ensure quality. When considered in conjunction with the integrity of the industrial sector with the health services, in a period in which the employment is decreaseddue to the technological renovation of the industrial sector, it creates a 20 multiplier effect in employment.”.


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