4web Medical Announces The Full Commercial Launch Of İts Cervical Spine Plating Solution

4WEB Medical Cervical Portfolio

4WEB Medical, an orthopedic implant company focused on developing innovative implants that utilize its proprietary Truss Implant Technology, announced the full commercial launch of the newest addition to the company’s implant portfolio, the Cervical Spine Plating Solution (CSTS-PS).

Geoff Bigos, Vice President of 4WEB’s spine division, commented, “By adding the Cervical Spine Plating Solution to 4WEB’s existing interbody device offering, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to investing in further development of a comprehensive cervical portfolio.”

In addition to the cervical plate launch, the company also plans to expand the cervical product offering in early Q4 with an integrated anchor fixation system and a stand-alone integrated plate. Both products will complement the currently available stand-alone cervical offering, providing a variety of cervical fusion construct options for surgeons. With this portfolio expansion and continued product development, 4WEB continues to establish itself as a leader in the cervical interbody fusion marketplace.

“The launch of the Cervical Spine Plating Solution is a significant milestone for 4WEB. The company’s cervical portfolio is currently 4WEB’s fastest growing product line and with the addition of cervical plating, anchor fixation, and integrated plates, 4WEB will continue its rapid growth trajectory in 2023 and beyond,” said Jessee Hunt, President of 4WEB Medical.


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