Access to treatment becomes more difficult in IVF applications!

President of IVF Centers Association Prof. Dr. Kubilay Vicdan said, “We draw attention to the fact that the increase in costs and the decrease in fees will generate problems in terms of the sustainability of IVF centers and the provision of quality health services, and that disruptions may occur in IVF treatments due to difficulties in finding drugs in the future.”


Stating that in vitro fertilization treatment, which is increasingly used in the treatment of infertile couples, is indisputably one of the most important developments in medicine, President of IVF Centers Association (Tüp Bebek Merkezleri Derneği) Prof. Dr. Kubilay Vicdan, said, “In vitro fertilization treatment enables many couples with reproductive problems to have children. However, it is not possible for many couples to reach this treatment due to both the drugs used in the treatment and the high cost of the treatment. In addition, the need for repeated trials due to limited success increases the cost of IVF treatments.”

Rising costs and low pay affect quality and success rates
Pointing out that in vitro fertilization treatment is around 10-15 thousand dollars in the United States today, this rate is around 3-5 thousand Euros in various European countries, and he continued, “In vitro fertilization treatment fees, which were at the dollar level, have decreased to the level of approximately 1200-1500 dollars with the drugs. Many factors play a role in this, such as the competition provided by the increasing number of centers, the weakening of the purchasing power that comes with the increase in foreign exchange. In these days when the rapid increase in foreign currency is experienced, especially with the increase in health tourism, the significant increase in the number of foreigners (especially in Istanbul) coming to our country for IVF treatment supports IVF centers in a sense. However, it should not be forgotten that almost all of the equipment and consumable expenses used in IVF applications come from abroad on the basis of foreign currency, and when all other cost increases in our country are taken into account, the fact that this decrease in wages (although it seems attractive) may lead to a decrease in quality and success rates.”

Relevant branch associations discussed the problems
Noting that they came together at an online meeting and discussed the problems of the industry, Prof. Dr. Kubilay Vicdan, President of IVF Centers Association, With the participation of Association of IVF Centers (TBMD), Turkish Reproductive Health Association (TSRM), Association of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery (UTCD), Association of IVF and Infertility (TUBIT), and Association of Clinical Embryology (KED) in the field of infertility and in vitro fertilization on May 24, 2022, said, “At this meeting, legal regulations regarding in vitro fertilization practices, SGK reimbursements and issuing reports, concerns about the commercial sustainability of the centers arising due to the increasing costs in fixtures, technical support, consumables and fixed expenses, difficulties in finding drugs and future drug The problems that may be experienced and are being experienced in finding the As a result, the increase in costs and the decrease in fees will cause problems in terms of the sustainability of IVF centers and quality health care services, and that problems may arise in IVF treatments due to problems in finding drugs in the future. It was emphasized that the support provided should be expanded, that it is imperative to reduce expenditures and fixed costs, and that associations should cooperate for constructive solutions and informing the public.”


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