“Aesthetic procedures are a very serious business”

A congress called ‘Full Face Congress’ was held in Istanbul by TÜMYÜZDER (Full Face Association) with the aim of rejuvenating the face, head and neck area, making it look more beautiful and healthy, having these jobs done by well-trained physicians, preventing under the stairs and protecting public health. Specialist physicians shared their knowledge and experience at the congress, where 500 people participated.


With the increase in interest in the field of beauty and aesthetics after the pandemic, TÜMYÜZDER (Full Face Association) aims to rejuvenate the face, head and neck area, make it look more beautiful and healthy, and have these works done by well-trained physicians, to prevent under the stairs and to protect public health. Congress’ was held. Around 500 people from all over Turkey participated in the congress, which lasted for 3 days at the Wyndham Grand Kalamış Marina Hotel.

“We are against unqualified and unauthorized persons to take action on applications”

With the increase in the demand for aesthetics after the pandemic, Surg. Orhan Alan, MD, Head of Full Face Association (TÜMYÜZDER) said, “We, as otolaryngologists, established this association. Because we want facial area applications to be done in better, better trained and more knowledgeable hands. We are against under the stairs applications. We do not want the health of our people to deteriorate under the stairs. That’s why we are in favor of specialist doctors or physicians trained in this work to do this work. Due to the pandemic, people postponed their aesthetic applications for a long time. Their faces could not be seen because they were wearing masks, they were already worried about death, getting sick, and people’s psychology was broken. Now, after Covid-19 has lost its effect, these people have bloomed like flowers. That’s why there is a serious explosion in aesthetic applications and aesthetic demands. Now we need to warn our people well. It is not a job to be operated under the stairs, especially hair transplantation is done. Unlicensed, unauthorized persons, who are not approved by our Ministry of Health, should definitely not do these procedures. We, as the Whole Face Association, advocate this. We are against unqualified and unauthorized people to take action against the underground applications. We care about the health of our people.”

“It is a serious job and a physician application is required”

Dr. Özge Bilkay, ENT Specialist, Board Member of Full Face Association (TÜMYÜZDER) said, “In the post-pandemic period, when we were able to remove the masks, the demand for aesthetic procedures increased tremendously. As a woman, I started to pay more attention after removing the mask. I started to complete my aesthetic procedures and not to leave them incomplete. And we, as the Whole Face Association, organized our first Full Face Congress in order to refresh our knowledge and improve ourselves by talking about our physician friends, developments in this field, and the most up-to-date issues from the most authoritative people in the field. We developed ourselves through video conferences during the pandemic period. In fact, we were not idle. Our aim is to reinforce this in a sense and to share this accumulated knowledge with our other colleagues, to advance ourselves as related physicians in the field of aesthetics. Aesthetic procedures are a very serious business and must be applied by a physician. When you go to a place with a request for aesthetic procedure, make sure that it is a physician’s office or clinic.”


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