Alcon announces launch of systane complete preservative-free lubricant eye drops in Europe

  • Clinically proven to relieve all types of dry eye, Systane Complete is now preservative-free and available in a multi-dose bottle
  • Joins the fast-growing, preservative-free segment of artificial tears, representing over 40% of the global category.

    lcon one of the global leaders in eye care dedicated to helping people see brilliantly, announced today the European launch of the newest addition to its innovative portfolio of dry eye products – Systane® Complete Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Dropsnow in an easy-to-use, multi-dose bottle.

    Systane is the leading global artificial tear brand. With the launch of Systane Complete Preservative-Free, Alcon now offers a full portfolio of preservative-free artificial tears in multi-dose bottles. This expands Alcon’s footprint in the large and fast-growing artificial tears category, which is approximately $1 billion in annual sales. Preservative-free is the fastest-growing segment, representing over 40% of the artificial tears category.

    “Almost half of all dry eye patients are self-diagnosed and often do not know which eye drop to choose,” said Andy Pawson, President & General Manager, Global Vision Care Franchise at Alcon. “Our latest innovation, Systane Complete Preservative-Free, provides relief for all major types of dry eye for up to eight hours. Frequent users of artificial tears, or those with sensitive eyes, should be able to effectively and conveniently manage their symptoms to get back to enjoying their daily lives.”

    The Systane Complete Preservative-Free formula works to provide all-in-one dry eye relief with one drop by hydrating and protecting all layers of the tear film. Alcon’s proprietary formula uses intelligent moisture and lipid delivery to enhance dispersion across the surface of the eye to stabilize the tear film. It’s advanced, nano-droplet technology allows for fast-acting hydration, tear evaporation protection, and long-lasting relief for a patient’s eyes.

    To ensure the safe delivery of the preservative-free artificial tear, the bottle’s closing tip system was designed using patented PureFlow® technology. The bottle has a one-way valve to ensure that no contaminated liquid is re-introduced into the container after a drop has been dispensed, eliminating the need for preservatives in the eye drops.

    Systane Complete Preservative-Free joins fast-acting Systane Ultra Preservative-Free and long-lasting Systane Hydration Preservative-Free for a full portfolio of multi-dose, preservative-free dry eye relief products for mild to chronic dry eye patients.

    “So many patients in our community are self-diagnosing their dry eye symptoms, whether due to increased screen time or other activities,” said Dr. Ben LaHood, ophthalmologist at the Ashford Advanced Eye Care clinic in South Australia. Cheryl Donnelly, International Head of Professional Affairs at Alcon, added, “I’m glad to see Alcon’s multi-dose, preservative-free portfolio evolve to include Systane Complete, an all-in-one solution for these patients’ dry eye symptoms.”

    The launch starts in markets throughout Europe and will extend to the U.S., Australia and additional markets throughout 2022.



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