Are you eating right for healthy teeth?

Your diet makes a big difference in the health of your teeth and gums. The foods you consume can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Related to the subject, Dentist Pertev Kökdemir gave nutritional advice for teeth and gums.


Sticky foods
While dried apricots, figs, mangoes, and other sticky fruits may be better for your diet than a bag of chips, they can cause serious problems for your teeth. Sticky foods like chewy candies and dried fruit stick to the cracks and cavities on the back of your teeth and can cause cavities.

Most people love citrus fruits, especially in winter, it is consumed a lot. Oranges, lemons, kiwis, limes and tomatoes are acidic and soften the enamel on your teeth. If you need to pamper yourself with citrus, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after eating.

Starchy foods
Most people avoid starchy foods if they are on a diet, but it should be remembered that any starchy food will stick to your teeth. Like sticky foods, starchy foods tend to stay between your teeth and in the cracks on the surface of your teeth. In this case, it can cause the beginning of caries on your teeth.

Energy and sports drinks
Drink water instead of energy drinks. Energy and sports drinks contain as much carbonate as a can of soda. If you insist on drinking sports and energy drinks, drink plenty of water after consumption.


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