“Artificial intelligence to determine the future of digital hospitalization”

Türkiye is leading the digital transformation in healthcare. Stating that artificial intelligence applications provide a great advantage in the field of health tourism, Gürkan Cağlıoğlu, Coordinator, MLP Care Information Systems and Digital Transformation said, “Thanks to digital health services, health data comes together on a common platform and more than one doctor can evaluate patients. Artificial intelligence will determine the future of digital hospitalization.”

Underlining that digital health technologies are causing the reshaping of the patient-health institution relationship today, Gürkan Cağlıoğlu stated that the highly advanced level of digital literacy of healthcare users due to the use of digital tools and the internet indicates a great potential.

Stating that Türkiye is one of the countries leading the digital transformation in health, Cağlıoğlu said, “We see that the increase in service providers in health tourism and the fact that we are able to provide services to an increasing population thanks to the legal regulations and standardization made in our country have made our country much more popular. With the digital health service provided within the scope of digital transformation in health, electronic patient records, archiving and availability of structured health records, bringing health data together on a common platform and enabling patient evaluation by more than one health professional have made the provision of health care easier and more accessible.”

“There is great potential in the field of digital health”

Emphasizing that digital health is generally the democratic and patient-centered digitalization of a healthcare system, Cağlıoğlu said, “Our country has a young population, high levels of digital literacy, priority use of digital health technologies, and the prominence of healthcare institutions in the new generation hospital approach, providing the best service in healthcare delivery. Competition brings with it the chance for individuals to receive the best health care. Digital health represents a great potential for our country. The digital health investments made in recent years, the increasing number of integrated R&D centers, the projects developed and their scope, and the increase in the number of competent and qualified employees have revealed the need and potential for use in the field of digital health in Türkiye.”

“Artificial intelligence provided an advantage in health tourism”

Cağlıoğlu made the following statements about the use of artificial intelligence in the health sector, “Artificial intelligence, sensor technologies, digital therapeutics, extended reality (XR) technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are used by health managers. and is gaining attention from healthcare practitioners. With the significant developments in the field of artificial intelligence and its integration into healthcare systems in recent years; The responsibilities and competencies that healthcare professionals are expected to undertake have also changed depending on the developments in this sector. This change directly affected human resources and gave a different perspective to the recruitment process in digital hospitalization. As a result of big data and artificial intelligence, it is necessary to recruit experts in various fields, including data management, data analysis, and business analysis, and recruitment should be systematized with this approach in the sector. However, we also experience the advantages of using these technologies in terms of health tourism.”

“We pioneer new technologies”

Stating that they pioneered the use of new technologies that stand out in the sector in the name of digital hospitalization, Cağlıoğlu continued: “As MLP Care, we have been using robotic process automations for our repetitive business applications since 2021. We carry out corporate invoicing steps with RPA (Robotic Process Automation). To date, we have issued a total of 4 million invoices with RPA. In addition, we manage repetitive processes with human resources and finance teams with RPA. In our TUBITAK Deep Learning Based, Computer Aided Breast Lesion Diagnosis System project, we interpret mammography and MRI images with artificial intelligence algorithms. We have implemented a supportive system in the diagnosis process by establishing warning mechanisms in images where lesions are detected. By establishing clinical decision support mechanisms, we support our physicians with our algorithms, from patient complaints to diagnosis, examination and drug management.”

“We provide ease of access from the screen”

Giving information about his other works, Cağlıoğlu said, “In our Medical Park and Liv Hospital mobile applications, we provide easy access to the appointment system, medical documents, analysis results and examination images from a single screen. The application can also be used for online doctor consultation services. With our Bankless Hospitality project, we provided our guests with the opportunity to pay and check-in via mobile application using OCR, NFC and Native location service features. Thus, we offer our guests the opportunity to meet their doctor without visiting the counter. With this application, we aim to reduce the time spent in the hospital while providing an experience that is fast, easy to use and can be managed effectively.”


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