Beware of fatty liver!

Underlining that fatty liver is a common disease that develops due to unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity and alcohol use, VM Medical Park Ankara Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Dyt. Mervenur Gülşen said, “Excessive fat accumulation in the liver is called fatty liver. If not diagnosed early, excess fat can pave the way for serious liver diseases that can reach cirrhosis.” said.


Obesity patients are at higher risk
dyt. Mervenur Gülşen listed the rates of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in different disease groups as follows:

• 60-95% in obese,
• 28-55% in people with type 2 diabetes,
• It is seen at rates of 20-92 percent in those with high cholesterol.

Pay attention to the fat around the waist!
Pointing out that there are different criteria for fatty liver in men and women, Dyt. Mervenur Gülşen said, “If the waist circumference measurement is over 88 cm in women and over 102 cm in men, the possibility of fatty liver is high. Abdominal fat is one of the biggest reasons.

Avoid sugar and fried foods
Dyt. Mervenur Gülşen explained what needs to be done in the treatment of fatty liver disease as follows:
• If the person is overweight, he should definitely lose weight. With the help of our nutritionist, 0.5-1 kilos per week is ideal.
• Alcohol should not be consumed.
• Simple sugar intake should be avoided. Especially packaged products containing refined sugar, carbonated and sugary drinks, white flour, white bread, excessive carbohydrate intake and sweetened foods should not be consumed.
• Frying, fast food, heavy animal-based food intake should be avoided.
• Visible skin and fat of the meat, offal (liver, tripe, kokoreç, etc.) should not be eaten.
• Excessive consumption of nuts should be avoided, and if consumed, raw ones should be preferred.
• At least 3 portions of vegetables and 2-3 portions of fruit should be consumed per day, and fiber intake should be increased.
• You should include artichoke, parsley, green tea and turmeric in your diet.
• You should not be sedentary, moderate-paced exercise should be done for at least 150 minutes a week. (such as walking, swimming, cycling)

May not show symptoms before turning into cirrhosis
Stating that fatty liver does not usually show symptoms before turning into cirrhosis, Dyt. Mervenur Gülşen said, “Because the fat progresses insidiously, it can be difficult to understand whether it has started without a blood test and ultrasound examination. It is absolutely necessary to work with the doctor and dietitian, and precautions should be taken before the fattening progresses,” he concluded.


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