Charter Next Generation unveils eco-friendly flexible forming film for the healthcare market

Charter Next Generation Unveils Eco-Friendly Flexible Forming Film for the Healthcare Market Built From Readily-Available Resins

Charter Next Generation (CNG), North America’s largest independent producer of sustainable, innovative packaging solutions introduces GreenArrowRx™ Flexible Forming Film, a new sustainable film for the healthcare market built from eco-friendly and readily-available resins. As a result, the new film not only helps healthcare companies achieve their sustainability goals but can also help ease supply issues often associated with traditional resins.

GreenArrowRx Flexible Forming Film is the result of a multi-year R&D effort by CNG to develop more effective packaging solutions for the healthcare market. The sustainable film delivers seamless validation and fast qualification on existing flexible packaging lines.

“We are excited to present this eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional non-sustainable forming webs,” said Vice President of Healthcare Mark Groves. “At CNG, we are passionate about our commitment to sustainability while delivering the high level of protection required to ensure optimal patient outcomes.”

Healthcare Technical Market Manager Eric Tuttle added, “Our goal with GreenArrowRx Flexible Forming Film was simple – offer customers a reliable source of sustainable materials without sacrificing performance. CNG is dedicated to engineering purposeful solutions that stand up to any other material available in the market today.”

The healthcare industry has long been searching for eco-friendly packaging solutions that preserve the integrity of their sensitive products. With the introduction of GreenArrowRx Flexible Forming Film, CNG is leading the way in sustainable packaging. Through its commitment to innovative material science, CNG is providing the healthcare industry with advanced and sustainable packaging solutions.


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