CorPath ® was introduced to healthcare professionals in Türkiye

Siemens Healthineers introduces the CorPath® platform, developed by Corindus, its vascular robotics company, in Türkiye. Providing timely delivery of cardiovascular treatment to remote areas and underserved patients, the CorPath ® telerobotics platform represents a milestone in interventional medicine.

Corindus, purchased by Siemens Healthineers in 2019, offers solutions to reduce the workload of doctors in the field of artificial intelligence robotic surgery. The company’s CorPath® system stands out as the first FDA-approved medical device to bring robotic precision to percutaneous coronary and vascular procedures. The CorPath® telerobotic interventional platform offers significant potential to increase access to healthcare by delivering advanced interventional cardiology therapy in a timely manner to remote areas and underserved patient populations.

Corpath® was introduced to healthcare professionals in Türkiye
Siemens Healthineers Türkiye introduced its CorPath ® platform, which improves access to care thanks to robotic technology, at its booth at the Turkish Society of Neuroradiology (TRD) Congress held between 17 and 20 February. Siemens Healthineers Türkiye also organized a roadshow for this platform, and demo screenings were held with CorPath ® in 15 hospitals in Türkiye between 7 and 25 February.

Ertan Cömert, Vice President, Imaging, Siemens Healthineers Türkiye, stated the following in his statement on the subject, “Cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, continue to be one of the most important problems in the health sector due to difficulties in accessing the necessary expertise and timely intervention. There are millions of people around the world who do not have access to necessary care and treatment, and this problem leads to irreversible consequences such as loss of life or disability. CorPath® technology is revolutionizing cardiovascular disease treatment by improving access to timely and accurate care.”

Prof. Dr. Saruhan Çekirge examined the CorPath® platform and stated that the system is promising for applications in neuroradiology. Expressing that robotic applications will become more widespread in the health sector in the future, the experts thanked Siemens Healthineers Turkey officials for introducing this innovative solution in our country.

Examining the CorPath® system, Prof. Dr. Ömer Göktekin, on the other hand, drew attention to the advantages offered by the robotic technology for patients, which enable to perform operations from much smaller sections without stopping the heart in appropriate operations. Congratulating Siemens Healthineers Türkiye, which has undertaken the mission to make robotic technology, which has an important potential for the future of the health sector, better known in our country, experts predict that this innovative technology will be used more widely in operations in the near future.

Innovative robotic solutions offer personalized and timely treatment
Corindus’ second-generation robotics-assisted technology, CorPath GRX, offers enhancements to the CorPath® platform by adding key upgrades that increase precision, improve workflow, and expand the capabilities and scope of robotically-performable procedures. These solutions focus on developing innovative robotic solutions that will revolutionize emergency response by providing personalized and timely medical care to patients around the world.

CorPath GRX, which has clinically proven advantages for both patients and healthcare professionals, achieves 99.1% clinical success in complex cases in the field of interventional cardiology, while allowing patients to receive 20% less radiation in a single-center study. It can reduce less erroneous measurements, the use of extra stents, and longitudinal geographic losses, reducing primary operator radiation exposure by 95%. In the Peripheral Vascular field, robotic precision and automation facilitates the navigation of long and difficult lesions. It provides a significant reduction in the radiation exposure of healthcare personnel.


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