Crooked tooth treatment with transparent plaques

Informing about the transparent plaques used in the treatment of crooked teeth, Orthodontist Nisa Ildız Çelebioğlu, Acıbadem Ankara Hospital said, “In addition to the method known as braces among the people, the same treatment can be performed with transparent plaques.”


Noting the features of transparent aligners as an alternative to metal brackets and wires in conventional braces treatments, Dr. Çelebioğlu said, “In classical wire treatments, instead of the metal or porcelain brackets that are attached to the teeth in order to improve the teeth, there are attachments called attachments that are the same color as the patient’s teeth. Transparent plaque treatment is an orthodontic treatment method performed with a series of plaques prepared in accordance with the patient’s own teeth and jaw structure. The movement of the teeth is ensured by applying pressure to the teeth in the desired direction with the plates gradually.”

Can be performed at any age
Stating that orthodontic treatment with a transparent aligner can be applied to individuals of all age groups with healthy teeth and surrounding tissues, Orthodontist Nisa Ildız Çelebioğlu, Acıbadem Ankara Hospital told in which cases orthodontic treatment can be applied with clear aligner, “It can be applied in cases where there are gaps, crowding, deep bite, open bite or crossbite in your teeth. In addition, in cases where there are congenitally missing teeth or teeth that have been lost for various reasons, it is possible to rehabilitate the edentulous area with transparent aligners.”

Talking about eating and drinking restrictions during treatment, Dr. Çelebioğlu said, “Eating nuts, hard foods or consuming acidic beverages can be a problem in classical orthodontic treatments with brackets. Because the brackets are fixed and cannot be removed. In the transparent aligner application, the patient can easily remove their aligners, eat whatever they want and brush their teeth.”

It is difficult to notice with its invisible structure
Delivering the other features of orthodontic treatment with transparent plaque, Orthodontist Nisa Ildız Çelebioğlu, Acıbadem Ankara Hospital said, “The primary reason why there is a higher demand for clear aligners today compared to classical braces treatments is that they are an aesthetic alternative. Even when the records are in the mouth, it is very difficult to be noticed by the social environment.” Underlining that the absence of metal appearance during the treatment process is not the only feature of transparent plaques, Dr. Çelebioğlu said, “Unlike brackets, transparent aligners are removable, allowing individuals to maintain oral hygiene, brush their teeth comfortably and use dental floss. This situation minimizes the risks such as white spot lesions and dental caries that may occur after treatment with brackets.”


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