Dental treatment methods that prevent aging

In addition to stress, high filling/coverings, teeth not coming into contact with each other evenly, and muscular disorders are also among the causes of teeth grinding. There are small hills called cusps on the chewing surface of the teeth. Depending on the acidity of the food we eat, these hills on the chewing surface of the teeth wear away and become a flat surface. A 0.5 mm wear on a tooth causes a 1.5 mm shortening on our front face. Consider that when this figure is 1 mm, a 3 mm drop is observed on the front face.

How does repairing teeth rejuvenate the face?

Dt. Güzin Kırsaçlıoğlu, Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED), and Türkiye Representative of Divas in Dentistry, said “Our skeletal system is very supportive of our muscles. Our muscles return to their youthful working structures as a result of the repair of our skeleton, that is, our teeth. Proper use of the muscles generates a pilates effect on them and provides them with support again. In other words, the teeth return to their original size, the muscles return to the correct working tempo, and the skin becomes taut, nourished, receives oxygen and rejuvenates as the muscle strengthens. We must analyze the root cause of teeth grinding. Sometimes teeth grinding can be a physical problem. When the high filling or coating we mentioned before is the cause of squeaking, regulation is definitely required. BOTOX, NIGHT PLAQUE or NEURAL THERAPY are among the treatments required to prevent the negative effects of teeth grinding on the teeth.”

Are mindfulness techniques effective in teeth grinding?

Kırsaçlıoğlu noted, “Actually, mindfulness is conscious awareness. Namely, it is a technique that prevents the person from focusing on the past and future without judging the present. When we are calm, we are joyful and peaceful. This affects all our decisions and naturally our facial muscles. We don’t clench our teeth, we relax and sleep comfortably. Many studies have observed natural anti-aging effects in people who practice the mindfulness technique. These effects affect general health as well as the appearance of the teeth.”


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