Expo Hospital: a meeting place for all involved in the healthcare ecosystem

Expo Hospital will present more than 500 brands from Chile and abroad, enabling health professionals and teams responsible for the areas of management, supply, logistics, attention and patient care in the public and private sectors to find the latest trends and technological solutions to strengthen the health system. The event is a unique opportunity for the healthcare sector to meet again, motivating the relationship between exponents of the healthcare world and promoting commercial exchange, introduction of new technologies, and the debate on the advances and challenges that arise in medicine today, especially in the areas of infrastructure, digital health and technological development.

Currently, the Expo Hospital fair and international congress is the only event in the country for the healthcare sector, where various industry exponents present the latest advances, innovations and solutions to the main problems facing the healthcare sector, which has seen great challenges in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. This edition of Expo Hospital will be focusing on the 4 key sectors of medical technologies and innovations, digital health, hospital infrastructure and architecture and covid solutions, covering an exhaustive list of subsegments such as Clinical equipment, ambulance and specialized transport: rescue units and patient transfers, nursing and monitoring, rescue equipment, hospital pharmacy, home health care and transitional care, imaging, emergency medicine, rehabilitation, sports medicine, laboratories, diagnosis and clinical analysis, ambulatory care centers and critical units, cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention technologies, biosafety, Telemedicine and Health Information Technologies, AI, Artificial Intelligence and Massive Data Analysis, Interoperability, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, APP, Precision or Personalized Medicine, Robotics, among others.

Kitchen, Laundry, Hospitality, Energy, Air Conditioning, Furniture, Decoration, Parking, Catering, Vending Machine, Faucets, Floors, Paintings, Lighting, Modular Hospitals, Architecture and Construction Companies, among others.


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