Extreme heat threatens the heart! 12 methods for heart health…


While the heat that hits with the summer season invites many problems in terms of heart health, it can also lead to life risks. “My heart is solid as a stone!”, “The sun won’t do anything to me!”, “Even though I don’t drink water, I drink tea!” Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karabulut said, “Summer heat negatively affects not only heart patients, but also healthy people at risk for heart disease. For example; A heart attack may follow the problem that is passed off as ‘sun fatigue’! For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to some rules; Some seemingly simple measures are lifesaving,” he says. Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karabulut talked about 12 precautions that should not be neglected for heart health in summer, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Increase water consumption
During the summer period, fluid loss from the body increases with sweating and breathing, and the body’s water requirement increases. Therefore, to increase water intake in summer; It will prevent problems such as palpitation, shortness of breath, and darkening in the blood, which will be triggered by thirst. 10 glasses of water a day for the summer period provides great benefits for body resistance and health.

Don’t delay dinner time
The dinner, which is taken earlier with the early darkening in the winter period, is often delayed after 21:00 in the summer period. However, dinner eaten at this hour negatively affects the sugar and blood pressure system. Eating dinner in the early hours and not eating after 21:00 will make a positive contribution to our health.

Do not expose to the sun for a long time
Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karabulut “Sunbathing under the summer sun for a long time, doing activities, working can reset your body energy level. Weakness, headache, concentration disorder, and nausea, especially when exposed to the sun with sweating, are the symptoms of sun fatigue caused by the sun’s rays. In sun fatigue, fluid deficit occurs in the body, the blood thickens and a tendency to clot occurs. People with atherosclerosis or at risk may develop a heart attack. Therefore, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Take these precautions when going out
Avoiding the noon sun, wearing a hat, thin and light-colored cotton clothing will prevent sun fatigue and the negative effects of the sun’s harmful rays. Do not choose dark clothes in summer. Because the sun’s rays are waves that create heat, they move more slowly on dark colors. This causes dark clothes to absorb more sunlight and heat up more. Light-colored clothes have less heat generation and a lower risk of sweating.

Limit caffeine
Since fluid loss in the body will increase in the summer months, drinks containing caffeine such as tea and coffee will increase this loss even more due to their diuretic effects. For this reason, it is necessary to limit the consumption of tea and coffee in summer, and avoid carbonated drinks. For example; Iced kefir smoothie drink equipped with a glass of natural mineral water and fresh seasonal fruits will be a refreshing and healthy alternative for the summer heat.

Avoid alcohol
With the summer months, open spaces become the address of socialization. However, alcohol consumption, especially in hot weather, causes arrhythmia in the heart and increases the risk of heart attack. For this reason, alcohol should not be included in the definition of socialization, and healthy refreshing drinks should be preferred.

Avoid foods with additives
Ice cream is one of the most preferred foods to cool off in summer. However, packaged foods with additives and sugar negatively affect the sugar and cholesterol balance. It directly increases the risk of atherosclerosis. Therefore, prefer natural foods, avoid foods with additives.

Don’t disturb your sleep pattern
The quality of sleep, which is the body’s time to repair itself, directly affects both our physical and mental health. After a poor quality sleep, blood pressure, rhythm, blood sugar and cholesterol balance are disrupted. Brain activity is adversely affected. Night sleep is more productive than daytime sleep. With the shortening of the nights in the summer, the sunrise shifts to the early hours. Considering this situation, it is necessary to fall asleep before midnight to ensure a quality sleep of 7 hours.

Do not overdo swimming
Swimming, which is an indispensable activity of the summer period, is an activity recommended for general body health as well as cardiovascular health. However, swimming for a long time, especially in cold seas, can cause the body temperature to fall below its normal level (hypothermia), which can lead to many serious problems, from heart rhythm disorders to low blood pressure and palpitations, and even cardiac arrest. For health; Swimming for 30 minutes a day with certain breathing intervals will be sufficient exercise. Instead of swimming perpendicular to the shore towards the open sea, swimming parallel to the shore will be safer especially for cardiovascular patients.

Do not stop medications
Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karabulut “As cardiovascular diseases are chronic diseases, drug treatment should be continuous. This drug treatment is often interrupted during the summer period due to travels and holidays. Interruption of medications in cardiovascular patients can lead to important health problems. Since the need for fluid increases during the summer, people who use diuretics can quickly experience fluid deficit and kidney problems. Summer adjustment may be required in the diuretic treatments of patients with heart failure and hypertension. That’s why you should consult your doctor,” he says.

Avoid tobacco products
Scientific studies; It clearly reveals the harms of tobacco and tobacco products such as cigarettes, hookahs and electronic cigarettes to heart health. Especially in hot weather, tobacco use disrupts the heart rhythm and increases the risk of heart attack even more.

Reach your ideal weight with a healthy diet
The increase in socialization in the summer months and the changing diet with the effect of the holiday often cause weight gain. Excess weight is a trigger for many diseases, from diabetes to blood pressure and heart disease. In order to take precautions against weight gain in the summer period; Weigh yourself regularly every week and take note of your weight. Don’t overdo it on buffet holidays. For those who have a late breakfast in the morning, it will be useful to combine lunch and dinner.


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