Floaters may be a Symptom of a Serious Disease

Complaints such as getting floaters and flashes may indicate the condition of “retinal detachment”, also known as a retinal tear. Surg. Dr. Fevzi Akkan of Dünyagöz Etiler Branch pointed out the importance of early diagnosis in retinal diseases and said, “In retinal diseases, vision loss can be prevented with treatment and the lost visual function may be restored depending on the treatment. You should consult an ophthalmology specialist immediately if you have complaints such as reduced vision, difficulty in perceiving shapes, and all types of distorted vision.” 


If not treated, retinal diseases may result in permanent blindness. Emphasizing that symptoms such as getting floaters and flashers and experiencing sudden vision loss can be indicators of serious eye diseases, Surg. Dr.  Fevzi Akkan said, “Retinal detachment can be seen at any age, though it is more common among the middle-aged, and may develop due to the retinal tears or holes. The disease may also be triggered by sudden, severe, or penetrating blows to the eye, as well as diabetes and several degenerative diseases”.

The disease may progress unnoticed!

Informing that in a healthy eye the retina is in contact with the vitreous humor, a homogeneous mass that fills the space in the eye between the lens and the retina, Surg. Dr.  Fevzi Akkan said, “The vitreous humor may pull away from the retina because of advanced age, high myopia, blow, or accident. This detachment may cause getting flashes or seeing black specks floating about. However, in some cases, the disease may develop without showing symptoms other than getting mosquito-like floaters and progress unnoticed, resulting in blindness”.

The risk is higher in myopic patients!

Reminding that one of the biggest causes of this disease is heredity, Surg.  Dr.  Fevzi Akkan said, “Half of the retinal detachment cases are seen in myopic patients. Myopia, which is a hereditary disease, develops when the anteroposterior axis of the eye begins to elongate in adolescents of 12 to 13 years of age. However, as the retina does not have the ability to regenerate, it cannot stretch, and various symptoms including tears may be observed. Therefore, it is extremely important for those with myopia to have their eyes checked regularly”.

Immediate surgical intervention is needed!

Highlighting that retinal detachment is one of the eye diseases that require immediate surgical intervention, Surg. Dr.  Fevzi Akkan pointed out that in such cases, surgical intervention must be performed as soon as possible before central vision loss occurs. Surg.  Dr.  Fevzi Akkan said, “Early surgical intervention is of critical importance because no matter how successful the surgery is if the yellow spot is detached, the vision may not be fully recovered. It is possible to recover the vision of a patient whose macula, otherwise called yellow spot, has not detached, as a result of a successful surgery.”


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