Gold Award to Abdi İbrahim from Brandon Hall

Operating in the pharmaceutical industry with the aim of improving life for 110 years, Abdi İbrahim continues to crown its achievements in the international arena with its practices that add value to human resources. Abdi İbrahim was deemed worthy of the Gold Award in the Human Resources category in the category of Learning and Development Strategy at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, one of the most prestigious corporate organizations in the world, where employer practices are evaluated.

In this year’s award program, Abdi İbrahim came to the fore with the “Academy”, a learning and development platform that it restructured with the aim of building the competency capacity that will support the implementation of corporate priorities and strategies. The program, which is prepared to support the person in line with the priorities of the institution, to increase his professional competence, to help him adapt to the institution, to train the leaders of the future, to create innovation and new generation competence capacity, consists of digital and face-to-face content. The Academy platform, designed as a hybrid, serves the development of Abdi İbrahim employees both in Turkey and in international markets.

Brandon Hall Group is one of the most respected organizations in the world, providing consultancy services to corporate companies on educational technologies and directing the education strategies of its 10 thousand customers around the world.

In the competition, where the world’s leading employers participate, the human resources practices of the participating companies are evaluated according to criteria such as “responsiveness to needs, functionality, innovation and measurable benefit” by a jury of international independent industry experts.


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