Golden Compass Award for ‘We Are Strong Together Project’

Organized by the Turkish Public Relations Association (TUHID), to reward and encourage successful public relations efforts, the ‘20th Golden Compass Turkey Public Relations Awards’ found their owners at the ceremony. The ‘We Are Strong Together’ project, which Sanofi Turkey implemented in order to strengthen internal communication, keep team spirit alive, and provide support and motivation to employees during the pandemic period, when daily life and working life routines have completely changed, was awarded the first prize in the Internal Communication category.


Within the scope of the project, which continued successfully by being renewed and updated after normalization, first of all, Corporate Communications, Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety units came together and determined a need map. And a 360-degree communication plan covering these needs was implemented. Thanks to the feedback system called “You Have the Word”, the project was developed to serve changing needs.

Within the scope of We Are Strong Together, all internal communication activities were gathered under 4 headings:

Information flow

With Açık Mikrofon Program, developments related to Covid-19 and the concrete steps taken by Sanofi in the fight against the pandemic were conveyed to the employees in an uninterrupted and transparent manner. At the same time, employee meetings were held with the participation of the country management team.

Team unity

Internal communication and team spirit were strengthened with applications such as thank you letters from team leaders, online coffee meetings and question-answer sessions. Avita Employee Support Program was used to provide employees with a powerful guide to psychological issues, Good With the employee satisfaction surveys called Mood, the needs and suggestions of the employees were constantly analyzed and instant answers were created and actions were taken.

With Sanofi’s focus on ‘perpetuating employee development’; From management to informatics, from leadership to foreign languages, training opportunities were offered on many subjects. As part of this training module, the ‘Open Idea Project’ was designed with Sinan Canan to provide a guide to using the mind in difficult times.

Be healthy

Wellness activities were organized on topics such as online yoga and meditation classes, stress management and healthy eating seminars, awareness and wellness workshops.
In the events organized under these four headings, famous names such as Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş, Nil Karaibrahimgil and Geveze also attended as guests. The project continues to develop continuously to further strengthen the internal communication in line with the changing needs. Keeping people at the center of all its policies and practices, Sanofi Turkey implements projects that make a difference in order to keep employee satisfaction at the highest level, to support the career and individual development of employees, and to offer them a safe and healthy work environment.


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