Health Sector Evolved with Data Science in the pandemic

Workers in the field discovered ways to increase sales performance without visiting a physician, and sales managers without traveling

Michael Page Turkey, a recruitment and head-hunting company, spoke with experts in a webinar it organized on the subject of “The Evolution of Data Science in the Healthcare Sector” in Turkey. In the webinar moderated by Michael Page Health & Life Sciences Senior Manager Cansu Aksu, Murat Gümrükçü-Sanovel İlaç, Mine Şenyuva Ömeroğlu-Chiesi İlaç, Murat Ceyran-Business Excellence & Data Science Consultant took place as speakers. The developments about the future of data science in the health sector, new applications and their reflections on the market were explained in the webinar. Expressing the difficulties encountered in the health sector as well as in many sectors during the pandemic period, the speakers conveyed their views on the innovations brought to the market by Data Science, which is critical in the optimization of pharmaceutical companies:

Adaptation took time but conversion efficiency doubled

Digital transformation has taken its place as one of the most important and indispensable innovations of the health sector. During the pandemic period, as in every sector, the pharmaceutical industry had to adapt to remote working conditions. Adaptation took time, but the positive effect of conversion on productivity started to turn into a habit. In fact, although digital transformation steps were started years ago in some companies, it was not possible to achieve full transformation until the pandemic period.

It has been understood that the digital transformation in the health sector cannot be unmanned, and changes have started only in the field of duty of the employees. Despite the transformation, everything has become much more dependent on the human workforce. It was passed from promotion with printed material to presentation with digital material. The concept of remote visit has been strengthened. Accordingly, the performance evaluation criteria have changed. Face-to-face meeting rates have been replaced by digital contact percentages. The concept of Regional Manager has changed towards performance coaching. Workers in the field discovered ways to increase sales performance without visiting a physician, and sales managers without traveling. The data science, business excellence departments have increased in value. This increase will continue as the roles of the future.

Evolving habits

In the health sector, ranking data only numerically has been replaced by reporting that produces insights and has data processing depth. The value of experts with such data processing capability has increased. The goal of “how do we give a message to physicians” has been replaced with the goal of “how should we obtain data from the interview”. It was understood that just giving a message to the physicians was not enough. Using technology, ways to collect data from physicians with enriched content began to be explored. The necessity of producing rich and high quality content in interaction with the customer was understood. Accordingly, the preparation of datasets has accelerated. We have entered a period where physician-representative communication can be digitally recorded and performances become transparent. The increase in efficiency of applications based on digitalization enabled these methods to be planned permanently.

The muscles to reach the right person with the right channel have developed

Now, the flexibility of compiling personal data specific to their interests and demands in studies related to drugs to be offered to physicians and pharmacists in pharmaceutical companies has been facilitated by digital transformation. In other words, it will be possible to produce result-oriented quick solutions to the demands. Artificial intelligence-related coaching demands are increasing in the industry for the future. Because employees want to keep up-to-date on the ways to reach the customer in the most efficient way without any time and place connection.

The need for employees who can use Data Science and digital platforms very well is increasing

The healthcare industry is shifting from relationship-based communication to data science-based communication. The industry is turning into a market where managers who can read data well and care about business excellence are preferred. In the future, companies that can best evaluate and use data science will be much more successful. As the diversity of data increases, the efficiency of directing the market and making the right decisions increases.

Hybrid sales reps are rising in value

With the digital transformation, the diversification on the basis of stereotypes in the sector has changed. Demand and attention-oriented communication channels, now called hyper-personalization, provide greater efficiency. While medical-origin experts in pharmaceutical companies will work in the field, experts who work well in data science will guide them in a targeted way. Experts working independently in data science will advise the top management of companies on developing business excellence. The future looks bright for employees at all levels developing their hybrid capabilities.



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