Important project from the Turkish Alzheimer Association: ADatHOME

Important project from the Turkish Alzheimer Association: ADatHOME
The Turkish Alzheimer Association carries out an important project for patients and their relatives. Emphasizing the need for special care tools and methods in advanced dementia, the project aims to increase the skills and knowledge of caregivers and patients to improve their quality of life.

Dementia, which has no effective treatment yet, affects approximately 1 million people in Turkiye. Dementia, which changes the lives and daily routines of not only the patient but also the patient’s relatives, causes difficulties in maintaining the self-care of the patient and communicating with the environment in the advanced stages. The Alzheimer’s Association of Turkiye, which has been supporting patients and their relatives since its establishment, is launching a new project on the subject. With this project, it is aimed to provide information on methods and assistive technologies that provide important clues in coping with the difficulties encountered.

Important information will be provided to both the patient and the patient’s relatives

At the conference to be held by the Turkish Alzheimer Association, the “Training Program for Implementing Innovative Strategies in Living Environments Supported by Assistive Technologies for the Improvement of the Quality of Life of People with Advanced Dementia” (in short ADatHOME), an Erasmus+ project, will be introduced to different professional groups operating in the field of care for dementia patients. In addition to providing information about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, information will be provided on the psychology of caregivers, the care of advanced dementia patients, and useful content such as a training package that introduces nonverbal communication and sensory simulation methods will be shared.

The conference will also introduce the assistive technology tools and methods used to improve the home life of patients and their relatives who are cared for at home in advanced stages, which is one of the main aims of the project.

Relatives of patients can access free of charge.

AdatHOME project was carried out in 2 years in partnership with the Turkish Alzheimer Association, Universitat Politècnica de València (ES), Asociación Provincial de Familiares de personas con Enfermedad de Alzheimer y otras demencias (AFA Castellón), Spomincica – Alzheimer Slovenia, ETERNIS – INSTITUT GINESTE-MARESCOTTI INTERNATIONAL and Institute for Work and Technology (IAT). The training package prepared in English within the scope of the project was translated into the mother tongues of all partners and uploaded to an online platform. All patient relatives will be able to access this content free of charge and anonymously as of January 1, 2023.


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