Improve your quality of life with ozone therapy

Improve your quality of life with ozone therapy!

Ozone gas, which helps to maintain the balance in the biosphere, has turned into an application that will support the treatment processes in the field of medicine after industrial processes. Today, ozone therapy is used in many countries as a treatment method that benefits from its properties such as destroying microorganisms and toxins at the cell level, strengthening the immune system and reducing oxidative stress.

Ozone application is used in the treatment of many diseases

Emphasizing that ozone application has cell regenerative properties, Dr. Ethem Akkol explained that this practice can treat many health problems with the following words, “Ozone therapy regulates intracellular communication by supporting antioxidant systems in cases of increased oxidative stress in the body. It reduces inflammatory processes. In this way, it contributes to the treatment of diseases such as infection, ischemic, wound healing and rheumatism, in which the immune mechanism is at the forefront. Since it increases the oxygen carrying capacity and blood fluidity of blood cells, it plays an active role in the recovery of diseases caused by oxygen deficiency.”

“Effective in circulatory and respiratory system diseases too”

Stating that this effective application was developed by utilizing the antiviral, antibacterial, circulatory stimulating and immune system strengthening effects of ozone gas, Dr. Ethem Akkol continued his words as follows, “Ozone therapy, which was first developed by German doctors at the end of the 19th century and then spread rapidly in Europe and America, has become a method used in the treatment of many diseases in many countries of the world today. The treatment, which reduces the risk of vascular occlusion with its vasodilating effect, interacts with fat cells and helps regional fat burning. It lowers blood sugar levels and relieves joint pain. Accelerates the healing process of chronic diseases. In addition, waist and neck hernia, ischemic heart disease, cancer, migraine, cholesterol, skin lesions, burns, eye and dental diseases, circulatory disorders, cystic fibrosis, fibroids, viral diseases, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes Zorter and bacteria-fungus It is used in the treatment of respiratory and circulatory system diseases such as diabetes, asthma and COPD.”

“Ozone therapy improves quality of life”

Dr. Ethem Akkol said, “Ozone therapy increases the body’s resistance to diseases by activating its self-healing mechanism. It is used as an auxiliary method for the destruction of cancerous cells, as it provides oxygen to the cells by stimulating the metabolism. Ozone therapy, which is also used in the treatment of circulatory and respiratory system disorders, reduces the symptoms of pain and numbness, especially in the foot area of diabetics. It supports comfortable breathing as it increases the oxygen level in the blood. In this direction, our ozone therapy sessions at our Yaman Surgical Medical Center last for 15-20 minutes on average, and we plan the session with our patients at our first meeting. The type of application, its duration and the application area may differ depending on the type of discomfort. In some cases, our patients notice the effects of the treatment even in the first session. This therapy is very effective in improving the quality of life as well as eliminating health problems.”


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