Kaizen training was held at VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital


Kaizen training, organized in cooperation with Kaizen Institute and İstinye University, took place at VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital, which was selected as the pilot hospital.

Kaizen training was held with the participation of physicians, managers and employees working in various units in the hospital M. Uğur Dündar, General Manager, Fatma Şahin and Yasin Şahin, Deputy General Managers, Ömer Faruk Azal, Chief Physician of VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital. Certificates were presented to the participants after the training. Within the scope of Kaizen training, which means improvement, various alternatives were put forward for many departments at VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital, solutions were discussed by making examples in the field of improvement, and methods to be implemented in the future were determined.

Teamwork and coordination are important
Providing information on Kaizen training, M. Uğur Dündar, General Manager, VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital, emphasized that the quality of human resources, teamwork and coordination are of great importance for the quality of health services to be produced at the level desired by the society.

Underlining that the philosophy of “Lean Management” aims at continuous improvement and is seen as the most important element of service quality in the health sector, M. Uğur Dündar, General Manager said, “Human resources, which is the most determining factor of Lean Management, attaches importance to training activities in order to enable them to play an active role in decision-making processes in order to produce fast and rational solution suggestions to the problems encountered, and supports the participation of everyone working in the hospital in the improvement works by increasing the knowledge level of the employees, developing their skills, revealing their differences and increasing their motivation. Thus, it aims to provide a higher quality and continuous reputation service in health services.”

The aim is to improve the quality
Pointing out that the aim in Lean Management is to always improve quality, M. Uğur Dündar, General Manager said, “We need our colleagues’ ideas, improvement efforts and their desire to work as a team in order to ensure and maintain quality. In order for us to implement an improvement in Lean Management, it must first reveal where the problem is. Since we were in a hospital environment, we set up teams under different units and sought many ways to improve at some points. We have provided this training in our hospital to get answers to questions such as how can I get results faster, how can I be more productive to solve this problem, and to remind all our healthcare team that they are a part of this process.”

Reminding that they need the experienced thoughts of their colleagues in order to generate ideas about what the problems in the health sector are and how to solve them M. Uğur Dündar, General Manager concluded, “Because I believe they are the people who can make the best observations in their own branches and know where and how the solution will be. I think everyone will have very different ideas. In the last stage, after revealing the problem, we must also produce solutions and put them into practice. As

Hospital, we would like to thank the Kaizen Institute Turkiye team, Dr. Muhsin Güneşlik and our valuable teachers who contributed to this training.”


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