Missing teeth are harmful!

Stating that although many people try to survive with missing teeth, the truth is that missing teeth bring with it many problems, Oral, Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Utku Ureturk said “Missing teeth make our life difficult with aesthetics, loss of function, phonetic effect and various psychological effects”.  Dr. Utku Ureturk who stated that the tooth should be replaced as soon as possible after missing teeth and the healthiest treatment alternative that can be applied on place of missing teeth is Implant explained the damages of missing teeth.


The missing tooth image disrupts the smile of the person first and causes the self-confidence to decrease and difficulties in social relations. It also causes the lips and cheeks to collapse and wrinkle, making an older and weaker appearance on the face

It causes the neighboring teeth to fall over in the missing tooth region, the opposite teeth to extend to the missing tooth area and thus to decrease the chewing function.

Since cleaning and maintenance of the toppled or extended teeth will be difficult, there is an increased risk of caries, tenderness, pain due to gingivitis, and loss of other teeth.

The usual chewing pattern also changes due to missing teeth. While a healthy chewing is bilateral, unilateral chewing may cause pain, sound, and locks in the jaw joints.

Since there is no chewing function in the missing tooth area, there is thinning and melting in the jaw bone, which we call resorption.

Lack of teeth can also lead to the opening of other teeth and an incompatibility and asymmetrical appearance between the midline of the teeth and the midline of the face.

Foods that are not sufficiently chewed and ground due to missing teeth can cause stomach problems such as indigestion, bloating as well as gastritis and ulcers if swallowed whole.

Food swallowed without chewing due to missing teeth can cause weight gain.


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