Neotech releases new nasagastric tube holder

The unique shapes allows NeoSnug to secure under the nose, close to the nares.

Neotech Products is pleased to announce the release of the NeoSnug Tubing Holder. NeoSnug helps prevent tubing from shifting or slipping.

The NeoSnug’s unique, pre-cut shape goes under the nose and allows clinicians to secure the tubing close to the nares.

Like several Neotech products, NeoSnug features a NeoBond® Hydrocolloid base, which is less likely to irritate sensitive skin. The flap is engineered to hold securely and permanently.

“Current common practice is to use multiple products to secure the NG tube; applying DuoDERM® to the skin, then placing the tube, then laying Tegaderm™ or Hypafix® over that,” Inventor Carol Herndon, BSN, RNC-NIC, said. “And nurses often hand-cut them to get the shape they need. I wanted a single use, all-in-one solution that was skin friendly, pre-cut, and extremely secure. The design also helps guard against the infant accidentally pulling out the tube.”

The NeoSnug features:

  • Skin friendly Hydrocolloid adhesive base
  • Unique shape ideal for securing tubes close to the nares
  • Fold over flap engineered to relieve stress on tubes and keep them securely in place
  • Non-woven fabric contours to face or body
  • Single patient use
  • Made in the USA


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