‘New generation’ treatment for knees!

‘New generation’ treatment for knees! Prof. Dr. Mehmet İşyar answered the 3 most frequently asked questions in robotic knee replacement surgery, which is a new generation treatment for the knees, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist at Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Prof. Dr. Mehmet İşyar said, “Knee prosthesis’, which is performed in patients whose pain has become unbearable and whose mobility has completely lost, can not be obtained from treatment methods such as losing excess weight, using devices such as walking aids, painkillers and intra-articular injections, can now be made thanks to robots, which is a new technology. The quality of daily life of the person can be increased by replacing the cartilage surfaces in the worn knee joint.”

Does the robot perform the robotic knee replacement surgery?

In robotic knee prosthesis, the robot does not perform the surgery alone. The surgery is performed by an experienced orthopedic surgeon who is certified in robotic prosthesis. In other words, the experience of the surgeon is of great importance in robotic knee replacement surgery. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet İşyar said, “The computer-guided device called a robot is an extremely helpful device for the surgeon and is used by the orthopedic surgeon, since all the anatomical data of the patient are uploaded to the computer beforehand and the pre-operative planning is done with this computer.”


Can robotic knee replacement surgery be performed on young people?

Stating that knee prosthesis is not applied in young people, it is a treatment method that can be considered in patients with advanced age, widespread and wide area degenerative (wearing) cartilage problems, Prof. Dr. Mehmet İşyar said, “Knee prosthesis is a very effective treatment method in elderly patients, whose cartilage is completely worn, and whose pain and walking difficulties have increased. The joint surface is completely cut and replaced with a titanium surface coating. Robotic knee surgery, which has been applied in recent years, is a new technique that facilitates knee prosthesis and reduces the error rate. The implant used in this method, that is, placed on the knee, is the same. Only a computer-assisted robotic arm is used as an aid during surgery.”


What kind of benefits does robotic knee replacement surgery provide?

With an experienced orthopedic surgeon and a good planning made one day in advance, the surgical time is shortened in robotic knee prosthesis, while the amount of bleeding and the need for blood are reduced. prof. Dr. Mehmet İşyar said, “Computed tomography of the knee in which the patient will be operated is taken one day before the operation and uploaded to the robot’s computer. The surgery is performed virtually the day before by the surgeon and the technician, and the type of incisions to be used, the angles of the leg, and the size of the prosthesis to be used are adjusted. Thus, the next day, in the light of these determined data during the actual surgery, the surgeon uses the robotic arm during the incisions. This gives us the advantage of reducing the margin of error to almost zero. Researches made; In robotic knee replacement surgery, it shows that the return to daily life is faster after the operation, thanks to the calculation of the angles in the leg with near-perfect, zero error and making bone incisions accordingly.”



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