NordShield® proves a natural based long-lasting antimicrobial layer for surfaces through its technology


ESPOO, FINLAND / — With revolutionary scientific evidence, NordShield® has proof of its technology to highly outperform current market standard disinfectants, products based on ethanol, by forming a long-lasting layer that can keep its antimicrobial efficacy for several weeks, far longer than viruses or bacteria are known to sustain on surfaces

Finnish based award-winning provider of unique, natural based antimicrobial solutions, NordShield®, has run tests during December 2020 and January 2021 that confirm the long-lasting efficacy of its internationally patented technology in the NordShield® Brilliant segment. The segment contains antimicrobial products e.g. for sanitizing hands, feet, surfaces and community face masks. NordShield® Brilliant technology is available throughout EU/EEA and in Switzerland for wholesalers.

Before the market entry of NordShield® Brilliant products, disinfectants have been based on alcohol as active substance to eliminate microbes and germs. The effect of alcohol is short lived and after it has evaporated, typically in a matter of seconds, the treated surface or skin is exposed to contamination again. NordShield® Brilliant products contain alcohol for the immediate kill effect, however, the long-lasting efficacy is derived from its disruptive technology that is based on the unique layer that does not evaporate but forms a physical, armor-like barrier on the treated surface. Thus, upon application, the unique antimicrobial barrier formulation of NordShield® Brilliant technology provides both an immediate kill and sustained inactivation of microbes. The duration can vary based on the surface and the strain on it.

The tests proving this discovery and claim have been made on hard surfaces according to international ISO 22196 standard and on textiles according to ISO 20743 standard. After the ethanol had evaporated, NordShield® could prove its unique antimicrobial layer remaining and being intact on both types of surfaces. In its most recent tests, NordShield® has added microbes on the textile sample up to five weeks after treatment with its NordShield® Brilliant technology. The log reduction in the tests, even after the layer being five weeks old when challenged with microbes, was at a minimum of log3, which translates to a minimum 99.9% antimicrobial efficacy*. NordShield® plans to conduct further tests as well as to publish white papers on its discoveries in the future.

“Our discovery completely changes the competitive landscape for disinfectants as they have so far been based on short lived alcohol, making differentiation nearly impossible. Now, we can stand out with a claim that is powerful and unique.
– Kristoffer Ekman, CEO

“Being able to prove this layer that enables long-lasting efficacy is a great scientific achievement for the whole team. While this alone is already revolutionary, we are only at the beginning of our journey and of showing what our technology can do – while leaving nothing but goodness behind for the planet and life on it.”
– Stefan Sandås, Head of Technical Services


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