Pharmacies are going digital!

The Pharmetic Entrepreneur Pharmacists Association (PGED) and VRFARMA organized the first training of the “New Generation Pharmacies Digitalization Program”.


While the world is rapidly digitalizing, this program, which was initiated based on the necessity for pharmacy services to catch up with the times, prepares pharmacists and pharmacies for the future within an ethical framework. With this program, which aims to enable pharmacies to use remote support, digital literacy, effective use of mass media, and to fight against internet marketplaces by highlighting their advisor identity, pharmacists opened up their possible digital identities to conversation.

The first program was held by Uğur Tuncel, the founder of VRFARMA, digital transformation and strategy coach, under the umbrella of the Pharmetic Entrepreneur Pharmacists Association (PGED), open to the participation of all pharmacists. With the remaining modules of the training, it is aimed to increase the digital awareness of pharmacists and to highlight the public health protective identity and consultant identity of pharmacists in the digital field in accordance with the regulations.

PGED President Pharm. Kazım Aykanat and VRFARMA founder Uğur Tuncel, in their statement, evaluated these trainings and the digitalization process as a long journey that will change the way our profession does business, and that will bring pharmacists to the field where they can transfer their knowledge and experience.


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