Practical training from Turkish Doctor

Aesthetic, Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director, Dr. Ercan Cihandide, at the meeting he was invited to, gave training to Iranian Medical Aesthetics doctors about the application of facial filling, which has been used quite a lot in recent years.

Cihandide underlined that with the widespread use of the method, errors also increased and underlined that wrong applications would lead to undesirable results. After giving a theoretical presentation to 30 Iranian doctors who attended the meeting on facial anatomy, dangerous areas, injection techniques, where, how and when the filler should be used, Cihandide also showed him the tricks of the job in his clinic.

Warnings from Cihandide:

– More filling does not mean better results. The right amount of filler given to the right depth will produce a beautiful and natural result.

– The need for the amount of filling of each region is different, as well as the model and thickness of the filling to be used. For this reason, it is not right to say let’s use the rest of the filler used in the cheeks on the lips, but if it is used, it will bring side effects and troubles.

– It should be preferred that there is a period of at least 2 weeks between the filling applications and the date of receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, which are especially very strong immune system stimulant.



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