Redesign your smile with dental aesthetics

Prof. Dr. Aslıhan Üşümez from Dental Plus Istanbul shared the details of dental aesthetics and to whom it can be applied.

What is dental aesthetics?

“Dental aesthetics covers a series of procedures and applications aimed at improving teeth functionally and aesthetically. Factors such as the shape, color, size and arrangement of the teeth are brought to an optimum level with studies carried out in this field. In this way, individuals can achieve a more aesthetic and functional smile.”

Who is it done for?

Stating that dental aesthetics can be applied to almost anyone with aesthetic concerns or functional problems, Üşümez said, “These applications, which have no age restrictions, aim to eliminate various problems and aesthetic defects in the teeth. Especially those who experience tooth discoloration and stains, tooth distortions and misalignments, tooth deficiencies, and incompatibilities in tooth sizes and shapes are candidates for dental aesthetic treatments.”

Frequently used methods

Some of the many methods that can be applied in dental aesthetics are as follows:

Teeth Whitening: It is a treatment aimed at removing discoloration on teeth.

Laminate Veneers: These are thin ceramic coatings applied to the front surfaces of the teeth and eliminate aesthetic defects.

Zirconium Crowns: Helps eliminate shape and color irregularities of teeth.

Orthodontic Treatments: These are treatments that correct tooth crookedness and misalignment.

Dental Implants: Used to eliminate tooth deficiencies.

Things to consider when having dental aesthetics

Prof. Dr. Aslıhan Üşümez underlines that the following points should be taken into consideration when having dental aesthetics:

Applying to a Specialist Physician: Dental aesthetics is a field that requires expertise. That’s why it’s important to consult an experienced physician.

Clarifying Your Expectations: Before dental aesthetics, your expectations should be clarified and discussed in detail with the physician.

Cost and Duration: Getting information about the treatment duration and cost in advance makes the process more comfortable.

Care and Protection: After the aesthetic procedures, it is necessary to regularly care and protect the teeth.

When deciding to have dental aesthetics, Üşümez points out that it is important not to forget that these treatments aim to protect and improve your dental health as well as aesthetic concerns, and said, “When choosing the treatment that suits you, acting under the guidance of an expert will provide you with the most suitable results.”



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