Robot simulator at Anadolu Medical Center

Robotic surgery or robot-assisted surgery is a surgical method defined as performing some operations through small holes using the “da Vinci Xi” system. It is used as a new step in minimally invasive surgery after thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery following classical surgeries. Anadolu Medical Center opened to experience the “da Vinci” surgical robot, which is defined as the state of space science research in high-tech operations, to experience in the hospital.


Robotic surgery, which is becoming increasingly common, is frequently used in the branches of urology, thoracic surgery, general surgery, gynecological oncology surgery and cardiovascular surgery. Stating that robotic surgery, which provides countless convenience to both patients and surgeons with its ability to move its arms 540 degrees at a level that a human hand cannot do, and to eliminate the tremors in the human hand, is used in the surgical treatment of many diseases, especially cancer, Assoc. Dr. İlker Tinay, Urooncology Center Director at Anadolu Medical Center said, “Urology is one of the branches in which robotic surgery is used most frequently. Robotic surgery, the frequency of use of which is increasing thanks to the benefits it provides to the patient and the physician, is widely and successfully performed in urology, especially in prostate cancer, both in Turkey and in the world. In addition, removal of the tumor part in kidney cancers, radical cystectomy and artificial bladder performed in bladder cancers, joint removal of kidney and ureter in upper urinary system cancers, removal of retroperitoneal masses in testicular cancers, correction of uretero-pelvic stenosis, removal of the bladder formed in the urinary bladder and bladder prolapse in women for some surgeries.”

Assoc. Dr. İlker Tinay listed the 6 advantages of robotic surgery as follows:

  • Small incision
  • Less pain
  • Much less blood loss
  • Low risk of infection
  • More aesthetic appearance
  • Better and faster recovery



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