Robotic surgery in colon cancer gives successful results


Colon cancer (Large Bowel Cancer) treatment, which is one of the most common cancer types today, gives better results thanks to advancing technology, laparoscopy- robotic surgery and smart drugs. Expressing that the Özel Sağlık Hospital has become an important center in the field of robotic surgery, Assoc. Dr. Acar stated that colon and rectum surgery performed with robot offers significant advantages for both doctors and patients.

Provides significant advantage in the healing process
Providing information about the operation, Assoc. Dr. Turan Acar, M.D., General Surgeon and Colorectal Surgeon at Özel Sağlık Hospital said, “With robotic surgery in colon and rectal cancer, the operated area can be evaluated closely and in detail in three dimensions. Thus, it provides great convenience in protecting the main vessels and nerves, and cleaning even the smallest lymph nodes due to cancer. With the unlimited mobility of the robot arm in the abdomen and its high sensitivity to millimetric movements, it becomes easier to reach areas that are difficult to reach in open surgery. In this way, the highest efficiency is obtained from the surgical procedure performed. In robotic surgery, all diseased tissues can be cleaned with four small holes of eight millimeters without causing large wounds in the patient’s abdomen. Recovery after surgery and returning to normal life is faster and easier. Other advantages include less blood loss and need for blood transfusions, lower risk of infection and complications, early start of bowel function, earlier initiation of oral food intake, and less pain.”


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