Strabismus can cause psychological problems

Strabismus disease, which can be seen at any age, can cause not only visual and aesthetic problems, but also psychological problems, should be treated by specialist physicians. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kaşkaloğlu, Founder of Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital said that strabismus, which can occur in both children and adults, is not only an aesthetic problem, but can cause lazy eye and psychological problems.

Noting about the disease, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kaşkaloğlu said, “There are different reasons for strabismus. It is different in children and adults. Genetic factors also play a role. The most common cause is eye disorders. In many squint children, strabismus and lazy eye are seen together. If there is strabismus or lazy eye in the family, the risk of strabismus in the child increases. Sometimes, a febrile illness or accident triggers strabismus. In some, strabismus may be due to paralysis of one or more of the eye muscles. Strabismus that occurs suddenly afterward may be due to trauma, hypertension or diabetes. Some of the strabismuses in infancy and childhood are false glides. False slippage may be a misleading image, which may depend on the width of the nasal root.”

It can also cause lazy eye

Stating that strabismus can be classified in many ways, Prof. Dr. Kaşkaloğlu said, “Congenital strabismus, later strabismus, up, down, sideways. There is also hidden strabismus. Under normal conditions, both eyes move parallel to each other. Strabismus occurs when the eyes are not parallel during movement. Strabismus can be inward, outward, or in other directions. Strabismus can be permanent or temporary. Strabismus can occur in one or both eyes. Strabismus can be seen in children and adults, it can develop congenitally or later. Strabismus is not just an aesthetic problem, it can cause lazy eye and psychological problems. If the eyes are normally parallel, but strabismus occurs when one of the eyes is closed, it is called occult strabismus. Patients may not notice hidden strabismus as strabismus. Eye strain causes headaches. It is sometimes described as a cockeye. Treatment is usually done with glasses”

Treatment possible with glasses, surgery and botox

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kaşkaloğlu drew attention to the fact that eyeglasses, surgery and botox treatment are applied to eliminate strabismus.

Recording that the ophthalmologist will decide which treatment will be applied in which type of strabismus, Kaşkaloğlu continued his words as follows, “In some special cases, botox is applied. If there is strabismus in a child or adult and it does not go away with glasses, strabismus surgery should be performed. Strabismus surgery usually gives very good results in many types of strabismus. Strabismus surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It takes 30 minutes on average. There will be very little discomfort after the operation, as there will be no visible stitches in the patient’s eyes at the end of the operation.”


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