The Chemistry Technology Center is getting ready to go into operation

The Chemistry Technology Center (KATİM A.Ş.), which was implemented by the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association (İKMİB), the umbrella organization of the Turkish chemical industry exports, is completing its final preparations to go into operation in the first half of 2024.

The Chemistry Technology Center (KATİM A.Ş.), which was implemented by İKMİB with the vision of developing high-tech and value-added domestic products and will be the first in Türkiye, will operate on the basis of technology, innovation and sustainability in order to increase the exports of the sector and reduce foreign dependency. Preparations continue for KATİM A.Ş to start operating.

The Chemistry Technology Center, which will act as an advanced R&D center, where internationally valid certificates will be given to our exporters, is an entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and development center, 1,700 square meters of which is prepared with a special infrastructure for entrepreneurs, in a 4-storey building in Türkiye’s largest thematic technopark, Informatics Valley. It will serve as a meeting point where the entire start-up ecosystem in the chemistry and related sectors will benefit, with its accredited test and analysis laboratories, digital library, in an area of ​​approximately 4 thousand square meters, including an incubation center. Within the scope of the test and analysis services that KATİM A.Ş. will offer to exporters, it is expected to save 7.2 million dollars every year.

“We will save a minimum of 7.2 million dollars annually with the Chemistry Technology Center”

Adil Pelister, Chairman of the Board of İKMİB, said, “With the Chemistry Technology Center project, which will be a first in Türkiye, we aim to establish a new ecosystem focused on high technology and high added value. Thus, we are taking firm steps forward on the way of undertaking works that will bring the Turkish chemical industry to the forefront in global trade. The Chemical Technology Center will act as a technology base that will cross the threshold for our chemical industry and exports. We have completed our company establishment for our Chemical Technology Center project. We have allocated the space for our head office in the IT Valley and received our budget approval for the investment cost from the Ministry of Commerce. We look forward to the commissioning of KATİM A.Ş. We are completing our final preparations to put the center into operation in the first half of 2024.”

Stating that a total of 175 different tests will be carried out within the Chemistry Technology Center and 83 tests will be accredited, Pelister said, “The 38 tests currently performed abroad will be carried out with national resources thanks to KATİM A.Ş. We are planning to provide services with a total capacity of 1 million 201 thousand 883 tests per year once our center becomes operational at full efficiency. With the internationally accredited test and analysis laboratories to be implemented at KATİM A.Ş, we will have saved millions of dollars in the country every year. Thus, we expect a minimum annual saving of 7.2 million dollars at optimum capacity within the scope of testing and analysis services. On the other hand, through our Sustainability Center, it will play a major role in the transition and adaptation processes of our chemical industry, especially our SMEs, to the green economy. Again, by establishing our digital library, we will open all sectoral scientific publications to our users and the world of science. Through our entrepreneurship incubation center, we will contribute to the realization of new inventions and technologies in the field of chemistry by our young scientists and academics, especially within the scope of industry-university cooperation. We are sure that our exporting companies will see our Chemistry Technology Center as a place they will benefit from with great pride.”


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