The formula for looking younger: white teeth

The formula for looking younger: white teeth… While many people complain about yellowing teeth today, expert states that this problem is caused by irregular and unhealthy diet. In addition, he points out that genetic factors also play a role. Those who want to prevent yellowing find the solution in teeth whitening treatment.

While it is very important to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in order to meet personal expectations about beauty today, yellowing of the teeth is one of the problems that prevent this. In the research published by Science Direct, conducted by British and Indian scientists with 50 participants, it is reported that tooth color has a large share in the appearance of old or young people. Within the scope of the study, it is noted that when the teeth of the participants are darkened, they are described as old by other people, and when they are whitened, they are described as young.

Explaining the solutions to the yellowing problem, one of the Founders of Dent Official, Dt. Fırat Toktamışoğlu said, “It is known that some people’s teeth are more yellow from birth. This is related to the level of melatonin and other pigments that are transmitted genetically and directly affect the color of the teeth. While the diet has an important share in the yellowing of the teeth, consuming cigarettes, tea, coffee, cola and other colored drinks accelerates the yellowing of the teeth. The most ideal solution to get white teeth is the teeth whitening method.”

“Yellow teeth cause low self-esteem”

One of the Founders of Dent Official, Dt. Fırat Toktamışoğlu shared the following information about teeth whitening, “In the teeth whitening process, the stains on the tooth surface are removed and it can be done with different methods. The dentist applies special whitening gels to the teeth. The gels are then activated with a specially produced light or laser. The duration of the procedure is usually limited to 1-2 hours. It is possible to see the results immediately. For this reason, there has been a high demand for teeth whitening recently. Because yellowing teeth is not only a physical problem, but also has psychological effects. It lowers people’s self-confidence both in their social and business lives.”

“It is necessary to pass a health check before teeth whitening”

Stating that teeth whitening should be done by a specialist dentist in a sterile environment, Dt. Fırat Toktamışoğlu said, “Teeth whitening is considered an easy procedure. However, the results may differ depending on the health of the patients’ teeth and the suitability of the whitening process. For example, the whitening process may not be recommended for people with caries or gum problems, and individuals with chronic diseases. Before this procedure, the dentist should be consulted and other ailments, if any, should be determined.”


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