The products of the Bosnian pharmaceutical giant are offered in Türkiye with the assurance of Abdi İbrahim

The products of the Bosnian pharmaceutical giant are offered in Türkiye with the assurance of Abdi İbrahim…

Abdi İbrahim, the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, signed a cooperation agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest pharmaceutical company, Bosnalijek. From now on, Abdi İbrahim will undertake the sales of Bosnialijek’s respiratory medicine and food supplements based on lysozyme, an enzyme effective in the natural immune mechanism of our body, in the Turkish market.

Türkiye’s healing power, Abdi İbrahim, has cooperated with the Bosnian pharmaceutical company of Bosnalijek and announced that the respiratory medicine and lysozyme-based food supplements of Bosnalijek will be brought to Türkiye with the assurance of Abdi İbrahim.

The cooperation became official at the meeting held in Sarajevo by Süha Taşpolatoğlu, CEO, Köksal Ülgen, International Markets Group President, and Sevgi Özalp, Business Development Director from Abdi İbrahim’s top management with the senior executives of Bosnalijek.

“We continue to bring health products to our consumers”

Süha Taşpolatoğlu, CEO of Abdi İbrahim, which has been the uninterrupted leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry for 21 years, stated that they are pleased to work with Bosnalijek, which shares their passion for improving human health. Taşpolatoğlu said, “We are happy to introduce innovative health products, which have been scientifically proven to contribute to human health, to the consumers in our country. Türkiye and Bosnia and Herzegovina are two friendly countries with close political and economic relations. Our teams felt a strong bond from the very first meeting, and this bond turned into an important collaboration. We will continue to bring consumer health products scientifically proven to improve and protect human health to Türkiye and to bring them to our consumers.”

“We aim to achieve a high market share”

Nedim Uzunović, General Manager, Bosnalijek stated that one of the most important strategic goals of Bosnalijek is to enter the Turkish market and to offer its unique lysozyme-based products to the Turkish people. Uzunović continued his words as follows; “Türkiye is among the 20 largest pharmaceutical markets in the world and is one of the attractive markets for international companies. We are proud and happy that our inhalation medicine and lysozyme-based food supplements have entered the Turkish market. Türkiye is the world’s largest and competitive market for sore throat medicines. Nevertheless, we believe that we will be the leader in this product segment by gaining a high market share because we will work with Abdi İbrahim, Türkiye’s largest pharmaceutical company and market leader. We are very proud that Abdi İbrahim agreed to cooperate with Bosnalijek. We hope that this partnership will develop further in the future and continue in other markets.”



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