The secret to stay looking young without surgery: Eye Contour Aesthetics

With eye contour aesthetics, which is one of the most frequently encountered methods in recent years, it has become much easier to make your skin look more lively, youthful and vigorous than it already is. Ophthalmologist Murat Direl, M.D. at Batıgöz Health Group shared information about the aesthetics of the eye area, which is a painless and comfortable method.

End of surgical procedure in eye contour aesthetics
Ophthalmologist Murat Direl, M.D. stated that with the device used during the procedure, the gases in the air are ionized at a high temperature of approximately 1800 degrees, and lightning arcs smaller than half a millimeter are sent to the skin. “The application with this high-temperature energy is only effective on the target tissue,” said Murat Direl and added, “In this way, the target tissue transitions from solid state to gas state before energy can reach deeper tissues. With this method, there is no tissue to transmit and the reason why there is no scar after the intervention is this application. This method, which is especially used in eyelid aesthetics; It can also be applied for wrinkles and lines where the skin loses its elasticity, such as crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes, lines in front of the ears, lower lid sagging due to excess skin, barcode lines on the upper lip.” Emphasizing that the desired results can be achieved in a single session, depending on the size of the scars, Murat Direl underlined that it would be more reliable to spread the procedure in two sessions with a sensitive intervention in cases where it spreads deep into the skin.

Pointing out that the method used should not be confused with botox application, Ophthalmologist Murat Direl, M.D. said that with this method, the excess tissue is completely evaporated and it is not possible to return it. Mentioning that side factors such as nutrition, sleep pattern, fluid consumption habits, smoking and collagen structure of the skin are the determining points in the permanence of the intervention, Direl stated that this method can be applied to anyone over the age of 18.

Painless method of achieving an aesthetic appearance
Sharing the knowledge that the cream anesthesia method is used in the application, Ophthalmologist Murat Direl, M.D. stated that subcutaneous local anesthesia is applied in cases that require intensive intervention. Suggesting to drink simple painkillers before the intervention, Direl stated that a painless and comfortable application can be made in this way. Sharing the knowledge that edema can develop for a few days after the procedure, Ophthalmologist Murat Direl, M.D. said, “Therefore, we recommend applying cold compresses immediately after the intervention and for the first 3 days following the intervention. During the healing process, we apply a special foundation with 50 protection factor and sun protection of the patients.”

Younger skin in just a few minutes
Stating that the biggest advantage is to be able to intervene in minimal cases that have not yet developed a surgical indication, Ophthalmologist Murat Direl, M.D. said, “We experience the same advantage in asymmetric valve drooping. When the patient simultaneously looks at himself in the mirror and expresses his wishes during the intervention, we can perform the dosage as desired. The procedure can be performed in the examination room without the patient being taken to the operating room.” Emphasizing that the procedure can be completed in as little as 15-20 minutes without any incisions or stitches, underlining the practicality of the process, Direl said, “There is no problem when it needs to be repeated. However, as a surgeon, we prefer to intervene on a skin that has never been touched, rather than a patient who has had a previous surgical intervention. Because after each surgical intervention, subcutaneous adhesions and fibrosis specific to the skin’s own structure may occur. These adhesions complicate our work in the second interventions. Although our surgical techniques are advanced, it also keeps us away from complications such as inability to close the lid or ectropion (outward turning of the eyelid), which can be experienced especially after lower lid surgeries. In addition, we not only remove excess skin tissue, but also stimulate the formation of a new skin that is much tighter and with a strong collagen roof. Only for this effect, large amounts of financial cosmetic expenses are spent.”



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