Two important assignments at AstraZeneca Türkiye

Elif Bürkan was appointed as Marketing Manager (Oncology), and Ece Nalçakan was appointed as Strategic Health Initiatives Manager at AstraZeneca Türkiye.

Having undertaken many duties at AstraZeneca Türkiye since 2005, Elif Bürkan started her career in the pharmaceutical industry within the Menarini Group after graduating from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Istanbul University in 2001. Bürkan, who joined AstraZeneca Türkiye as the Cardiovascular Unit Product Manager in 2005, assumed many responsibilities during her 17 years there. Bürkan, who served as the Cardiovascular Unit Senior Product Manager in 2010 – 2013, as the Marketing Manager of the Cardiovascular and Gastroenterology Unit in 2013 – 2016, and as the Regional Manager in 2016 – 2018; In 2019, she led the international iBRIDGE CaReMe project. Bürkan has been working as the Cardiovascular Business Unit Manager at AstraZeneca Türkiye Biopharma Business Unit since 2018. Elif Bürkan will continue her career as the Marketing Manager (Oncology) at AstraZeneca Türkiye.

Ece Nalçakan, who has been working at AstraZeneca Türkiye since 2015, graduated from Production Systems and Industrial Engineering Department, Sabancı University in 2011 and completed the Executive MBA Program at Boğaziçi University in 2019. Nalçakan, who started her career in the health sector as a Sales Efficiency Specialist at Sandoz in 2012, joined AstraZeneca Türkiye in 2015 as a Commercial Efficiency Specialist, and worked as a Commercial Efficiency Manager between 2017 and 2019, and as a Market Access Specialist in 2019-2020. Nalçakan, who has been working as the Market Access Manager under the Regulatory and Market Access Department since 2020, will continue her career as the Strategic Health Initiatives Manager of AstraZeneca Türkiye.


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