Untreated retinal tear can cause blindness!

Prof. Dr. Erkin Kır, Eye Doctor at Kaşkaloğlu Eye Hospital said that with age, retinal tears may occur due to posterior vitreous detachment, and if early diagnosis and treatment is not made, this condition may result in blindness.

Stating that retinal tears occur more easily due to weak areas in the retina, Kır stated that this situation is especially important in people with high myopia and those who have been hit in the eye.

Recording that sudden flashes of light and floating black dots in the eye are indicators of a retinal tear, Prof. Dr. Erkin Kır noted that those who experience these symptoms should have an eye examination as early as possible.

Argon laser method in treatment

Indicating that if the retinal tear is not treated, it can lead to retinal detachment, Prof. Dr. Erkin Kır stated that successful results were obtained with argon laser along with the early detection of the disease.

Kır continued his words as follows, “After 5-6 minutes of laser intervention in retinal tear, the patient can return to his daily life. In retinal detachment, the patient’s vision may be good initially. However, it usually results in vision loss within days. Therefore, surgical treatment is required without delay. In surgical treatment, surgery called vitrectomy is the most commonly applied method. When applied without delay, success rates are quite high.”


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