What to do when your child loses a tooth?


Losing teeth is a natural process in childhood. This stage is a milestone in your child’s growth. The falling out of the milk teeth is important to open up enough space while the permanent teeth take their place in the mouth. Dentist Pertev Kökdemir gave 3 tips to help your child cope with the period of tooth change.

1-Relax your child:
Children tend to get excited at the thought of losing their first tooth, but they are not completely ready for the pain. When the process begins and the first tooth falls out, comfort your child, tell him everything is fine. During this period, it would be useful to talk to him about the importance of oral hygiene.

2-Take appropriate measures to alleviate their suffering:
During this period, the gums may become sensitive, the tissue holding the tooth may swell and begin to ache. When this happens, you can try to relieve the pain using an ice pack, or you can also consult your dentist and give mild pain relievers.

3-Know the right time to get professional help:
In some children, the tooth replacement process may be more painful or even delayed. If your child has not started to change their teeth at the age of 8, if they complain of pain and excessive bleeding, you should definitely consult a dentist.

The process of changing milk teeth is one of the most important growth stages in your child’s life as it paves the way for a beautiful adult smile. Normally, permanent teeth take their place in the mouth at the age of 6 and lasts until the age of 12. However, this varies from child to child.


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