Abdi İbrahim is on Metaverse


Turkish pharmaceutical company Abdi İbrahim continues to break new ground in the world pharmaceutical industry. Following the NFT collection it generated, Abdi İbrahim broke new ground in the world pharmaceutical industry and entered Metaverse with its building built on blockchain.

Abdi İbrahim, which has created its own structure on parcel 120-4 in Decentraland, which is one of the most popular Metaverses with a blockchain infrastructure, exhibits the “The Journey of Healing” NFT collection, which consists of the works of collage artist Selman Hoşgör, on one floor of the building.

Designed with inspiration from the headquarters building

Abdi İbrahim’s structure in Metaverse was designed with a special technique, inspired by the architectural appearance of the General Directorate in Maslak, Istanbul. Abdi İbrahim will also be using this structure to host in-house events in the coming period.

Realizing the first important project of the “HEAL2030” sustainability strategy under the title of digitalization with the “The Journey of Healing” NFT collection, Abdi İbrahim continues its preparations without slowing down as the pioneer of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry for the future that will be shaped by the decentralized meta universes built on Web 3.0 and blockchain.


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