Akson Group develops solutions for the global market

Offering solutions for the health sector since 2009, Akson Group is appreciated with its national and international projects which are in progress.

Started its commercial activities with the construction sector long years ago, Akson Group expanded its trade portfolio in 2009 and started to offer service in the health sector. The company adopts it as principle to make its name known as a reliable company with its national and international projects (some of them have been delivered, while some of them are in progress) through its three strategic business lines. Ensuring customer satisfaction through quality, speed, reliability and positive results, Akson Group maintains its activities without jeopardizing the quality.

Akson Group carried out projects of various organizations and corporations in Turkey in the field of construction until today. Finally, the Group completed 84 house and environmental arrangement constructions in the capital city of Turkey Ankara and delivered the houses to their owners.

In the health sector, the group restored the hospitals in Hulo, Çakvi and Keda regions in the city of Batum in Georgia and undertook  turnkey tender of T.R Prime Ministry Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate (TİKA) which stipulated procurement of all medical and equipment and office materials which the Groupgranted. The project was delivered in September, 2011. Our companyalso carries out turnkey PrivateDialysis Center projects in Turkeyand offers sale and technical service to hospitals in Turkey. The company meets requirements of Health and Research establishments by  supplying laboratory devices, hospital equipment and consumables, in particular Hemodialysis Devices and consumables.

‘’Our company plans the future today, in order to ensure a bright future. While moving ahead with the purpose of serving as a leading company in all of the sectors whereit operates, our company maintains its reliability, values and principles and continues with the belief of gaining differences and quality to the sector. We strictly believe that our group will successfully complete all of the projects that it will undertake without sacrificing quality and its principles by respecting ethical values of our customers in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers at the highest level and obtain perfect results with an entrepreneur, productive, responsible and professional business approach.’’


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