Appointment of Business Unit Director Oncology at Merck Turkiye

Aydan Dinçer, Director of Strategy, Operations and Business Excellence at Merck Turkiye, was appointed to the position of Business Unit Director Oncology at Merck Turkiye as of February.

Joining the Merck Oncology team as Senior Product Manager in 2018, Aydan Dinçer successfully carried out all strategic and operational marketing activities in the field of Oncology. Appointed to the position of Oncology Marketing Manager in 2019, Dinçer successfully managed the new product launch efforts along with the new strategy and re-launch studies she carried out in the field of oncology treatment during this period. In her position as Strategy, Operations and Business Excellence Director, which she has held since January 2021, she was responsible for the successful implementation and optimization processes of the company’s strategic projects in the field of business excellence.

Aydan Dinçer, who completed her undergraduate education at Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, worked at Siemens Business Services between 2003 and 2005. She continued her career in the pharmaceutical industry since 2005. Dinçer, who worked at Fresenius Kabi and Novartis companies between 2005 and 2018, respectively she served as Product Promotion Specialist, Product Manager and Senior Product Manager responsible for the AMAC Region in the fields of Nephrology, Parenteral Nutrition, Transplantation and Rare Diseases. Aydan Dinçer has a total of 18 years of sales and marketing experience.

Merck implements its “Women In Leadership” program globally to support and train strong, successful, responsible and courageous female leaders. Merck employees are developed as professionals knowing the changing conditions and needs of the business world, making informed decisions, taking responsibility for these decisions, and working with their teams in line with common goals through the “Leadership Behaviors Program” adopted and implemented in the company.


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