AstraZeneca’s Young Health Program earned Better Society Award

AstraZeneca’s Young Health Program earned Better Society Award! AstraZeneca’s Global Youth Health Program was awarded the Better Society Award in the “Best Partnership with International Aid Foundation” category. Implemented to raise awareness of the risks and effects of non-communicable diseases among young people, more than 9 million young people in 39 countries, including Turkey, have been reached since 2010 with this program.

Carried out globally by AstraZeneca, Young Health Program earned Better Society Award in “Best Partnership with International Aid Foundation”. Better Society Awards are given to partnerships that help create a more equitable, ethical and sustainable world for all.

In 2010, AstraZeneca launched a worldwide collaboration with its Youth Health Program to raise awareness of the risks and impacts of noncommunicable diseases among young people. As part of this cooperation, AstraZeneca has committed to invest $35 million in funding for the Youth Health Program until 2025. Since 2010, the program has reached more than 9 million young people in 6 continents and 39 countries, including Turkey, and provided training to more than 153 thousand trainers and healthcare professionals. With this program, the aim is to reach five million young people with health information.

AstraZeneca Turkey Country President Serkan Barış commented about the award: “One of our priorities is doing our part to improve access to healthcare. We believe that working to improve the health of society and future generations is one of the most important steps in building strong health systems. As we work towards this goal, we believe that young people have the power to reduce the burden of the diseases we face all over the world. In this context, we offer programs that promote healthy living in order to support young people to make conscious choices for a longer and healthier life. With our Youth Health Program, we aim to make changes in risky behaviors associated with non-communicable diseases. Together with UNICEF and other business partners, we are working to help fill the gaps in information on this issue and to create comprehensive awareness about youth health. We are proud to receive this important award, reaffirming our commitment to building a healthy future for people around the world. We will continue to support the health development of young people through our Youth Health Programme.”


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