Berko Gündem is 1 year old!

Working and producing for public health with its “Towards a healthier future” vision, Berko Pharmaceuticals celebrated the first year of its in-house magazine called Berko Gündem, which it published based on the importance of internal communication.


Berko Gündem, the in-house magazine published for the employees of Berko Pharmaceuticals, which has been working and producing for public health for more than thirty-five years with the vision of “for Healthy Tomorrows”, includes developments and news about the institution in each issue. At the same time, it contributes to the fact that all employees get to know each other and the company better by addressing different departments.

Celebration with waffles
A special celebration was held for the first year of Berko Gündem, accompanied by waffles at the head office and production facilities. With Berko Gündem, which adds value to internal communication processes by acting as a bridge between employees, have the opportunity to closely follow developments related to themselves, their teams and the company.

Eylem Beran, Berko Pharmaceuticals Board Member and Corporate Communications Director informed about the in-house magazine, “Berko Pharmaceuticals is a company that delivers health to the whole country through 10 regional directorates spread across Türkiye, with its head office and production facilities in different districts in Istanbul. As such, we can’t always come together physically. We shortened the distances with our magazine. Everyone had the opportunity to get to know each other better with the magazine. In this way, we can both follow the latest developments in our company and feed each other. We would like to thank all Berko Pharmaceuticals employees for their meaningful contributions and interest.”


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