“Clean Air Therapy” Media Hygiene Spray

The environment hygiene spray product developed with the cooperation of FS DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTING LTD STI and FOCUSONEXPORT has been designed for indoor use in the home, office and vehicle, and has accelerated its activities abroad.

In addition to helping the environment to be used free of viruses, it also leaves a fresh lemon scent. “CLEAN AIR”, which is produced by using ingredients that will not threaten human health, has become indispensable for the middle east market.

Exports to other demanded regions, especially in Europe, continue.

Recommendation for use: To ensure long-term efficiency, the applied area must be clean and dry. Application time is 2-3 minutes. (The product is sufficient for an area of ​​10-20 square meters.) Shake the aerosol well before use. Keep doors and windows closed during application. Click the button and activate the product. After the application, you should wait 10 minutes and ventilate the environment.



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