Noticed The Pandemic in China Before The Virus Reached Turkey, and Manufactured 150 Million Masks in 7 Months!

Mask factor maintains its importance as a method of protection against the Covid-19 pandemic which has onset in China and spread all around the world with ongoing effects. Investing in the business of mask production in January 2020 even before the first case within the borders of Turkey is diagnosed by closely monitoring the spread of the virus since the onset of the pandemic, businessman Hasan Hüseyin Sarıbacak has established the brand Arizon Medikal and commenced surgical mask production in the plant located in Beylikdüzü.


“We have a mask production capacity over 1 million masks daily with our team of 60 experts and a machine park consisting of 50 machines,” said Mehmet Özden, Arizon Maske Board Member. “We product 3-layer surgical masks, nano masks, and cotton masks in our plant for both children and adults. And today, we are establishing the infrastructure required for the production of KN95 masks, and commencing production”.

“We are taking measures against the risk of second wave for the critical autumn”

“We’ve started to send our products mainly to China via wholesale companies in January, the month we launched our mask production” said Mehmet Özden. “However, we’ve focused on production with full capacity in order to primarily meet the demand in our country after the worldwide spread of the pandemic, and produced over 1 million masks daily. And today, we started to send masks via wholesale companies trading in Iraq, Iran, and European countries upon heavy demand”.

Expressing that they closely monitor the daily number of cases in our country and worldwide and place great importance to the statements of the Ministry of Health, Mehmet Özden said the following “We, as the company, pay utmost attention to our stocks for a probable second wave expectation by calling attention to the fact that the number of people using public transport will increase ever more when the schools open in the fall and a major part of the working class go back to the offices. Therefore, we are organizing our production plans based on these developments”.

Our citizens should maintain their awareness to use masks

Stating that the experts in Turkey warn the public about social distancing rules, hand hygiene, and use of masks since identification of the first case in March, Mehmet Özden, Arizon Maske Board Member said “Our citizens are responsible to wearing masks, however, the awareness is not that high. We observe that the masks are worn below the chin even in 56 cities where the use of masks is mandatory especially due to the increased temperature in summer. This may lead to extremely dangerous outcomes in terms of infection of the pandemic”.

“Our citizens may have a perception that the type of mask is irrelevant as long as it covers the face, however, selecting the right mask is one of the most important measures against the Covid-19 virus which has the risk of airborne transmission. Unlicensed manufacturing and unpackaged masks are not safe for the public health. Hygiene conditions during production are as important as the hygiene of the mask itself. We recommend our citizens to buy packed masks and make sure to check out the labels. Accordingly, preferring ISO and CE certified 3-layer masks with nose wire providing high filtration approved by the Ministry of Health will be more suitable in terms of safe use. Our priority is to ensure that the mask is produced in a hygienic environment and to provide an opportunity to use them safely by precisely monitoring the process until the end-user.



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