Drug-free solution to migraine pain


While the researches show that the change in the weather can trigger attacks in the majority of migraine patients, the migraine patch developed by Getwell, the new health brand of Türkiye, provides a drug-free solution to the migraine pains that increase during the seasonal transitions. The hydrogel content of the band, which is effective for 6 hours in migraine pain with its chemical-free, all-natural components, also provides a cooling effect in the area to which it is attached, helping to relieve pain.


Sudden changes in air temperature and air pressure during seasonal changes directly affect the balance of hormones and brain chemicals. Depending on this change, the number of migraine attacks may increase even more. The migraine patch developed by Getwell, which focuses on making life easier with its products, becomes a drug-free alternative to migraine pain that increases during the seasons. Developed with natural ingredients, effective for 6 hours, the tape relieves migraine pain. The relief patch, which can be used easily at school, work and home with its design, does not require any cleaning process after use.

Helps relieve the pain of the day
The relief patch, which does not carry the risk of allergic reaction with its natural content, helps alleviate the pain of the day in sudden migraine attacks. Getwell Migraine Relief Patch, which contains 3 patches in a box, draws attention with its economical price as well as being easily accessible from Migros stores and Migros Virtual Market.


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