Entrepreneurship skills of health department students increase with Medipreneurs Turkey

Medipreneurs Turkey, a support network established to increase the entrepreneurial skills of health department students, holds regular meetings with successful entrepreneurs who have a health background in order to transfer entrepreneurial skills. In addition, it enables the transfer of entrepreneurial skills through events such as hackathons and provides networking opportunities with experts from other disciplines.

Medipreneurs Turkey, which started with 13 members in October 2023, today has 163 members and 35 member initiatives. As a result of the studies carried out, Founding President Dr. Şevval Karadağ was deemed worthy of an award in the Social Responsibility Awards category at the joint award ceremony of “Successful Health Manager of the Year Awards” and “Social Responsibility Awards in Health”, which was held for the 15th time this year.

At the award ceremony held at Liv Hospital Vadi Istanbul on the evening of October 3, in cooperation with Sağlık Gönüllüleri-Türkiye (Health Volunteers Türkiye Association) and Hospitalmanager Magazine, individuals, institutions and projects that demonstrated success in the field of health were rewarded. In this context, Dr. Şevval Karadağ was deemed worthy of the “Person Who Contributed the Most to the Realization of Entrepreneurship in Health” award of the year.

In her speech, she stated that although healthcare professionals who provide healthcare services are the ones who observe and experience problems best, they have difficulty in transitioning to the side of creating solutions and at this point they need entrepreneurial skills. In this context, Medipreneurs Turkey thanked the Karadağ team and family, stating that there was a high demand for their work and that the brand gained legal personality as Girişimci Sağlık Mensupları Derneği (the Entrepreneur Healthcare Professionals Association). She also invited private hospitals and relevant institutions for cooperation.


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