“Healthy Future with Education” Project “Health and Quality Life” project received a bronze award

The Healthy Future with Education Project, launched in November 2020 with the cooperation of Roche Diagnostics Turkey and the Turkish Education Association (TED in order to raise the health awareness of young generations, was awarded the bronze prize in the “Health and Quality Life” category at the “Sustainable Development Goals Awards” of the 13th Corporate Social Responsibility Summit.

The “Healthy Future with Education” project implemented in cooperation with Roche Diagnostics Turkey and Turkish Education Association aimed that young people and parents develop behavioral patterns that will positively affect their environment after the trainings given to contribute to the psychosocial development and health awareness levels of students. The 2021-2022 training period of the project which was designed for high school students who are studying in public schools and benefiting from the Full Support Scholarship of the Turkish Education Association, and their parents has started. This year, the concept of climate change and social volunteering will be emphasized.

Evaluation survey results of 2020-2021 trainings: 98 percent were found to be more conscious about health
Approximately 200 students, 54 percent girls and 46 percent boys who continue their education in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Diyarbakir, Malatya and Kayseri public schools, and 81 parents, mostly between the ages of 40-45, participated in the survey. During the 2020-2021 period, 18 different training events and a conversation event were organized for students within the scope of the project. Approximately 600 students participated in the activities. While the rate of meeting the general expectation level of the trainings was determined as 86 percent, it was observed that 98 percent of the students were more conscious about health after the trainings. Compared to the results of the first survey conducted in November 2020, the rate of students doing sports regularly during the project increased from 48 percent to 55 percent; The level of knowledge of students on nutrition and healthy foods increased by 8 percent from 67 percent to 75 percent. While the students who participated in the training stated that they developed socially and intellectually and learned new things about health, 91 percent of the students stated that they transferred the information they learned to their environment.

Roche Turkey Communications Manager Nur Kara made the following statement on the subject: “As Roche Diagnostics Turkey, we are happy to have been deemed worthy of this prestigious award for our ‘Healthy Future with Education’ project which we realized together with the Turkish Education Association for the benefit of people and society. As Roche Diagnostics Turkey, we aim to implement different studies and projects that will transform our corporate skills into social benefit, while working with the mission of improving people’s lives. One of the issues we care about the most is raising social awareness in the field of health. As a result of the survey study we conducted at the end of the first year of the project, we found that 98 percent of the students were more conscious about health. This is the most important indicator that we are on the right track. In the 2022 period of the project, we will focus on the concepts of climate change and social volunteerism, which affect our country and different parts of the world, as well as awareness-raising trainings on health.”

Naz Dicle Balkan Gürses, Secretary General of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Education Association, said: “The Turkish Education Association, the most strongly established non-governmental organization in education in Turkey, has done well for its Social Responsibility task in its 93-year history. Our ideal was to add value to the society while reaching out to mothers and families, starting from the quality education of children and youth. The Health for Education Future Project is the embodiment of this ideal. The aim of this business, in which we moved forward together with Roche Diagnostics Turkey, was to bring together health and education with awareness. While I would like to thank our stakeholder Roche Diagnostics Turkey those who supported the project and those who deemed it worthy of the award, I hope that social responsibility awareness will spread in Turkey.”


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