High Protection Mask with Pure Silver, Silver Pro Mask


The washable Silver Pro Mask, made of pure silver thread fabric, utilizing pure silver thread technology became the most preferred mask with its comfortable breathing and skin-friendly features in addition to its anti-virus and antibacterial properties.


With anti-virus, antibacterial and antitoxic properties high protection mask Silver Pro Mask woven with 999 carat pure silver threads while providing comfortable breathing with its washable cotton fabric, it also stands out with its skin and environmentally friendly features.

In these days, when the virus continues to spread rapidly, the use of masks gains more importance. While disposable masks cause sweating on the skin, they also cause environmental pollution as medical waste.

Silver Pro Mask provides the highest level of protection with its pure silver threads between the dense textured cotton fabric, its skin-friendly structure and its washable feature.

Silver Pro Mask silver masks, in which compliance with European standards, protection and fabric quality are documented by various accredited organizations, are also available with Kral Şakir licensed masks for children in addition to 4 colors.

Silver Pro Mask is preferred for children with its safe and ergonomic structure in different sizes for 5-7 and 8-12 years old with King Şakir, Canan and Fil Necati characters with its red, blue, black and white colors.



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