IGIN: the first innovative device for automatic glove fitting, is now launching a pre-sale

IGIN transform the way disposable gloves are used across various industries, emphasizing sterility and efficiency

Approximately 99,000 Americans die each year in hospitals due to infections acquired there, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 3.5 million Europeans a year contract an infection while in hospital.

IGIN Global, a pioneer in healthcare technology, is excited to announce the presale of its revolutionary automatic glove-donning device, the IGIN Smart, starting this April.  This groundbreaking technology is set to transform the way disposable gloves are used across various industries, emphasizing sterility and efficiency. The adoption of IGIN results in a significant reduction in annual expenses for companies and a noticeable decrease in ecological impact globally. The machine’s smart management system provides full control over usage by recording data and facilitating inventory management through reporting. It determines the optimal monthly quantities required, prevents over-ordering, and assists in budget management.

Disposable gloves are essential in many sectors. IGIN gloves are suitable for any industry where sterile gloves are used such as food service and retail. Traditional methods of wearing gloves further exacerbate these problems, often leading to cross-contamination and a higher risk of infection.

IGIN’s state-of-the-art technology automates the process of putting on disposable gloves, making it fast and hygienic. With patented technology and AI-driven insights, the device ensures a high level of hygiene. The ecological design also provides up to 500 gloves per device, which significantly reduces waste.

Other key benefits of IGIN Smart include:

  • Patented hygiene-enhancing technology
  • Portable design suited to various environments
  • AI-powered operational insights and smart data management
  • Automated storage and inventory control
  • Five-second glove-donning mechanism with no contact between hand and outer glove
  • Customizable UV disinfection for added safety
  • Compatibility with latex and nitrile non-powdered gloves

IGIN Smart has been designed for a wide range of customers and environments, including hospitals, vaccination and PCR test centers, clinics, laboratories, retail stores, and factories. Its compact design makes it equally suitable for both large facilities and smaller spaces. This innovative product is backed by strict safety and regulatory standards, ensuring reliability and compliance with global requirements. With its backing, organizations will be empowered to significantly reduce the annual costs associated with treating hospital infections and the environmental impact of glove waste.

IGIN founder and CEO Jack Chocron commented: “IGIN Smart introduces the only technology in the world that enables glove-wearing without human hand contact and without using hard materials. All findings indicate a global issue regarding patient care and hospital environments overall. Hospitals can process inventory, control the correct operation of the glove inventory, and dramatically reduce the number of infections.”


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